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Fascists of the Identarian Movement attacked opening of Leftwing #Ewwelongts center in #Mannheim – Official of AFD youth also present

Enough is Enough! - 1 hour 17 min ago

Mannheim, German territory: The preparations had been completed, around 30 young people once again adjusted the tables and waited for the first guests. On Saturday, January 19, the opening ceremony of the “Ewwe longt’s – Linkes Zentrum Mannheim” (leftwing center Mannheim) was to begin at 2 pm in Kobellstraße. The first guests were already there, including some children. But suddenly about 15 young people ran into the shop, many with black rain jackets and hoodies, which apparently did not come to celebrate.

Originally published by Kommunal Info Mannheim (KIM). Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

Among these people, including a woman, were some familiar faces. When a rally for rescue at sea in Heidelberg was disturbed, a similarly composed group had caused riots. People acting under the label “Identitary Movement” (IB) repeatedly cause a stir. Also present: Leon Stockmann, member of the state executive committee of the youth organization of the fascist AfD: “Junge Alternative”. Yesterday KIM had reported about him.

Pepper spray and Bengali fire

The people in charge of the “Ewwe longt’s” immediately spoke out a ban for the house, but the group did not want to leave. In front of the shop there was a war of words and pushing on the street. Then the far right activists started to spray pepper spray on visitors* inside the “Ewwe longt’s” and ignited a Bengali fire. Pepper spray was also sprayed on the employee of the KIM who was watching the event.

Meanwhile a riot police squat came running along the Kobellstraße from direction Käfertaler Straße. There were two police vans positioned – the police had already counted with a possible attack in advance. The “identitaries” ran away, only Leon Stockmann and another one stopped. Apparently he was waiting for his girlfriend, who had stayed behind alone.

Leon Stockmann, official in the state executive committee of the “Junge Alternative” was checked and searched.

In the Neckarstadt-Ost a car chase took place. Riot police ran after the presumed “identitaries” and could seize some. On the spot, Ralph Hartmannsgruber, the head of the police station, reported to KIM that the police were able to catch five people and that they were now carrying out ID checks and searches. Leon Stockmann was checked by the police a few metres next to the “Ewwe longt’s”. His backpack was searched.

Leon Stockmann, official in the state executive committee of the “Junge Alternative” was checked and searched.

Investigations into severe bodily injury and violation of the Explosives Act

In the “Ewwe longt’s” peace slowly returned. The whole incident lasted only a few minutes. Some guests were injured by pepper spray. The children were fortunately all in the building and hardly noticed the incident. Little by little more guests came and the program for the opening ceremony could start as planned at 3 pm.

An attacker is taken away by cops.

In the evening the police explained to KIM that they investigate because of severe bodily injury and offence against the explosives act by the attackers. In the course of the further search, a total of nine persons were checked. They all became a ban for the premises. One of them had been taken to the police station to be identified. Two cans with pepper spray were found during the searches. The investigations continued in the evening.

A report about the opening ceremony of the “Ewwe longt’s” follows in the KIM.

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#Afrin: One Year of Resistance

Enough is Enough! - 2 hours 23 min ago

One year ago today the fascist Turkish state launched its brazen invasion of Afrin canton in Rojava. Empowered by the imperialist powers, specifically Russia, the US, and several EU/NATO countries, Turkey embarked on a barbaric campaign aimed at stopping revolutionary momentum in Rojava, and continuing its colonial campaign against Kurdish liberation.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

Afrin Canton was renowned, being one of the most peaceful regions in Syria throughout the entirety of the Syrian Civil War.

The nation-states involved in the Syrian War felt Afrin – and the Rojava Revolution in particular – was an obstacle to furthering their geopolitical ambitions. The Russian state wanted the regime to have total control over the territory, while the Americans believed Turkish appeasement was paramount to maintaining its dominance in the Middle East.

With all these mammoth obstacles revolutionaries put up a valiant resistance and held the territory for several months. The guerrilla campaigns against the Turkish state and resistance against ISIS fascism in the previous years provided an example in sacrifice, dedication, and most importantly, experience in the battlefield.

We commemorate the one year anniversary of the Afrin invasion. We were in afrin from the beginning until the end. We were active on the Raco and Cinderese front and were prepared for the final defense of the city. We support the continued struggle of the people in Afrin!

— Tekoşîna Anarşîst (@TA_Anarsist) 21. Januar 2019 Alliances and New Formations

The resistance in Afrin saw the birth of several new revolutionary formations. The Anti-Fascist Forces in Afrin (AFFA), coupled with its main fighting component the Sehid Michael Israel Brigade was announced. Michael Israel was a Sacramento, California based revolutionary who died defending the revolution.

AFFA was founded as an emergency response to the invasion. The group consisted of former commanders and fighters from the International Freedom Battalion and various YPG units. Devrimci Güçler was another revolutionary formation that became active in the defense of the revolution. In their founding statement they stated they were fighting against occupation from Palestine to Afrin making clear their internationalist perspective. Both of these constellations were comprised of revolutionaries from TIKKO, BÖG, MLSPB, TKEP-L, MKP, and anarchists as well. This coordination is significant and demonstrates a fundamental maturation in revolutionary organizing that acknowledges our historical responsibility in the fight against fascism and occupation.

While these were temporary military formations, they should be viewed in a larger context. Rojava has birthed several new revolutionary alliances that will prove significant in the near future. The International Freedom Battalion (IFB) was established in Rojava, and was an extraordinarily important formation for defense of the revolution. The IFB, for instance, also established the conditions for the formation of Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi (HBDH), which is an alliance of revolutionary forces fighting for the overthrow of Erdogans’ fascist regime.

The influx of international revolutionaries set the stage for the announcement of the anarchist military collective Tekoşîna Anarşîst who has defended Afrin as well, but now is preparing for future conflict in Rojava.

The Fallen

The Turkish state’s occupation has led to tremendous displacement and suffering. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates 300,000 Kurdish people have been expelled from Afrin.

Hundreds of civilians were killed from the Turkish state and allied Free Syrian Army regiments.

Thousands of YPG forces were killed in the fighting as well from the Turkish air force. The revolutionary forces lost many fighters as well.

Anarchist fighter Şevger Makhno, from Tekoşîna Anarşîst, died in the struggle. International anarchists, Haukur Hilmarsson and Anna Campbell, also fell in combat. Sinan Ate, Nurhak Cem, Bayram Ali, and Taylan Demircioğlu are other revolutionary fighters who fell in the struggle, who haven’t gotten as much international acclaim but who will permanently celebrated by international revolutionaries.

The Defense of the Revolution Continues

The occupation in Afrin is now being met with a fierce guerrilla campaign led by the Afrin Liberation Forces. The Turkish state and its proxies are taking heavy losses on a daily basis.

As the United States prepares its withdrawal from Syria the Turkish state is preparing for a full scale invasion of revolutionary territory. The defense of Rojava’s political project is paramount..

Revolutionary forces on the ground have sacrificed and set an example for solidarity. But as fascist forces prepare to attack it becomes increasingly important for organizations around the world to prepare.

The Turkish state is sleepwalking to its own death, but without international pressure against all fascist and capitalist forces this dance with counter revolutionary forces will continue in perpetuity.

Rojava have bore the brunt of these struggles, but in the near future we should create two, three, man Rojava’s.

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#Rojava: Resistance Diaries #1 Miran Cudi – Introduction into the Revolution

Enough is Enough! - 2 hours 41 min ago

The revolution in Rojava, which started in 2011, based on the pillars of woman’s liberation, ecology and radical democracy. Since 2017, Internationalists of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava are working in the civil structures in Rojava, Northern Syria to learn from this revolution and support the upbuilding of democratic and ecological society, on the base of the liberation of women.

Originally published by Internationalist Commune of Rojava.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

One of their Project is the ecological Campaign Make Rojava Green Again. But now, with the concrete threat of the fascist Erdogan Regime, the ecological works got interrupted and activists of Make Rojava Green Again left, in order to report from the preparation of the people in Rojava and Northern Syria for the resistance against the aggression of the Turkish army and their affiliated jihadist gangs.

In the coming time, this activists will catch the voices of the people, and reporting from a society which has the will and ability to resist against the occupation plans of Erdogan.

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Regarding all that happened in an event in #Germany with a member of the central committee of #SYRIZA, the Greek leading party

Enough is Enough! - 4 hours 53 min ago

On the 9th of December, in a small, peaceful city of south Germany, named Konstanz, a business-political event took place, where the main 
speaker was Georgios Chondros, a member of the central committee of SYRIZA, the Greek leading party. The first topic to be presented there 
was related to the promotion of the olive oil produced by the cooperative company whose administrative member is Chondros, among  others. Given that a charitable mask often covers “progressive commerce”, the event held the provocative character of cheap solidarity; for every litter of oil that would be sold that day, one euro (1€!) would be granted to a social pharmacy in Greece. Let us note here that these “hope traders” earned at least 11 euros from each sold litter of oil. The second part of this event was the presentation of the socio-political situation in Greece, accompanied by Greek appetizers and wine.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

The planners of this event were the coordinators of the local web zine “seemoz”. Most of these people are also members of the political party 
“Die Linke”, which is the twinning party of SYRIZA in Germany. The event took place in the Café Mondial, an alternative place with international, solidarity character that operates with a self-organized managing assembly but is provided by the City.

Who is actually, though, Mr. Chondros? He has been a member and candidate in the ballot papers of the Coalition party of Trikala and later on in SYRIZA’s ballots (Coalition of the Radical Left), since the 1990’s. Today he is one of the members of the central committee of SYRIZA and one of the old members of the party’s front line. He managed to climb up on the top of Greek central politics by redeeming his participation in the perennial struggles of the citizens of the county of Trikala and especially those from Mesochora, who fight against the Acheloos river diversion and against the building of a hydroelectric dam at the area. On the advertising poster for this event, Chondros was described as the number one environmental activist in Greece, which is totally unrealistic and ridiculous. As we see from his current activity and given the publication of his book about the Greek crisis, written in German, Chondros constitutes a bridge between the Greek state and the reformist lefts of the German speaking countries of central Europe. At the same time he enjoys luxurious meals with some of the leaders of those capitalistic states (see dinners with “chosen people” such as the ex-chancellor of Austria).

Since we got informed about the aforementioned fiesta we decided to interfere with our speech and put SYRIZA on the spot, regarding their 
role in the sociopolitical situation in Greece and thus knock down their governmental lies and demolish the glamorization of their politics. We 
decided to interfere as those who experience at the first place this reality, as part of those in the bottom of this society, as some of the  thousands of those that had to leave their homes, families and comrades to migrate abroad and find a job. We aimed to expose the real role of 
those “progressive” governmental representatives, such as Chondros, who stand among the worthy successors of austerity politics, the camouflaged capitalists and the managers of the exploitation of the natural world.

The event started with the promotion of the oil collective. Our first intervention there came admittedly spontaneously, when in front of as 
took place a pure irony; an auction with varying offers, this time not on the properties of people but on the olive oil that Chondros was selling. We intervened in this provocative process and addressed the fact that now SYRIZA together with the Greek judicial system and the banks runs the seizure of the homes of thousands of people and leads them to foreclosure auctions.

 From the beginning of our efforts to expose our perspectives it was clear that some of the event’s attendants were resenting our presence. 
They would wish to enjoy a light and controlled event with a bit of politics, a bit of charity, some oil and wine. However, some others asked to hear our positioning, despite the attempts of the event planners and their close friends to skip us over.

Despite the interruptions and the intimations we received about how the discussion should run, we managed to address some of our points. We mentioned that whoever would wish to learn more about the consequences and the implications of the capitalistic restructuring in Greece should better listen to what those on the bottom have to say and not to pay attention to the narrations of the technocratic, politico-economical elite that Chondros represents.

Besides, the biggest lies are hidden in the words of the sovereigns. Thus, we addressed that when SYRIZA artfully presents the unemployment 
rates having being decreased during their governing, they hide that, in reality, they introduced legislative regulations that make the working 
conditions extra flexible, which only benefit the employers. In detail, they hide that uninsured and unregistered work, paid with 2 or 3 euros  per hour, is a well-established and widespread condition. In parallel, SYRIZA abolished the Sunday holiday and the employments they pride 
themselves on, actually refer to hiring people for working 4 hours a day for around 250 euros per month.

We also brought up that the current managers of the Greek state (SYRIZA) speak about the rationalization of the state’s services and about 
fighting tax evasion but what they actually mean is that they have run the automatic seizures of more than 1.7 million bank accounts of 
micro-deptors. At the same time the state itself and its judicial system, provocatively draw a veil over huge political and economic “scandals” and pass very light sentences to the golden boys of the political-economical elite that have been involved in cases of snatching millions of euros. In a few words, we said that SYRIZA is an asset for the local and international capital. They managed to unblock, in minimum 
time and with the least possible social reactions, the economical re-structuring process that was blocked by strong and intense popular 
struggles in the period preceding the governance of SYRIZA. They actually managed to vote for destructive measures regarding the systems 
of retirement, taxation and health insurance.

We also spoke about the audacity of the SYRIZA people that present themselves as dedicated to the interests of the people in the bottom of 
the social hierarchy, but in parallel, today, they work hard to circumvent those interests for the benefit of the bosses of this world.  We spoke about the thousands of immigrants and refugees that are packed in the “concentration camps” of Greece and suffer from the imposed 
confinement and the terrible living conditions there. SYRIZA has signed murderous agreements with the European Union and Turkey regarding deportations of immigrants and refugees. On the top of these policies SYRIZA’s government collaborates with the Turkish state for the repression of Kurdish and Turkish revolutionaries. SYRIZA has the political responsibility for dozens of deaths of inmates that die under 
clouded conditions in police stations and in the hell of the Greek prisons. We also spoke about the police operations against immigrants, 
demonstrations and self-organized occupied buildings.

It’s so easy to unmask the real face of the authoritarians, that Chondros, this professional hypocrite, in his tight spot, responded to the above by invocating the racist-reactionary reflections of the audience and by asking “how would the citizens of Konstanz feel if suddenly the same proportion of immigrants as in Lesvos would move in their small city”…

We are not surprised. What could SYRIZA say about the people that escaped war and poverty that were forced in their homelands by the 
dominants of this world, when the Greek state itself is in great reciprocal cooperation with NATO- the largest death machine of the west? 
The Greek state offers army bases and the right for the binding and landing of war frigates and militant aircrafts that swoop against the East fronts. Additionally, SYRIZA dragged up the Macedonian naming issue, rekindling a nationalistic outbreak, just in order to overcome any obstacles that this topic generates in relation to the integration of Macedonia in NATO. This integration will enforce the geostrategic influence of USA and will open new ways for the expansion of the Greek capital. Lately, in Greece we see an increase of financial and industrial exhibitions and conferences with the USA in the role of the protagonist, whereas Greece serves the most excellent customer of the USA in the weapon market. Whatever they say, they can’t hide the involvement and the complicity of the Greek economic and political power in the war crimes that take place.

Additionally, the provocation of presenting a high-ranking state member as the number one environmental activist couldn’t stay unanswered from our side. We, thus, exposed the truth about the governmental plans on the catastrophic extractions of carbohydrates in the areas of West 
Greece, but also on the undersea extractions that are meant to take place close to Cyprus and might destroy pristine ecosystems. We of 
course mentioned as well, the contribution of the SYRIZA government in issuing one permit after the other allowing the continuous deforestation and the destruction of the areas of north-east Chalkidiki, in the name of gold mining.

We last exposed the political disgrace of Chondors on the topic of the Acheloos river diversion and the construction of the hydro-electric dam 
in the village of Mesochora, where he comes from. SYRIZA, for years before they became government, were using several local petty 
micro-politicians, such as the speaker of this event, to control and pump goodwill from the struggles of the local people and the respective 
solidarity movements. For many years, Greek higher courts had blocked the overall project of the river diversion. However, on August of 2017 
SYRIZA completed the process of unblocking the construction of the H/E dam of Mesochora by signing its separation from the bigger diversion 
project. Back then, the deputy Minister of Environment and Energy (Famellos) signed and issued the decision of approval of environmental 
terms (AEΠO in Greek) for the dam. According to his statements, the dam will be completed and start operating in the summer of 2019.

Obviously, this special topic that Chondors tries to use as a flag, embarrasses him irreparably. He made a hopeless effort to save his image. While looking dazed, he listed a series of inaccuracies before asking the audience how else could the energetic needs of this place be covered without the completion of this project. Perhaps, the projects that are destructive for the nature are finally necessary… to get a chair you need to sacrifice a lot.

At this point the organizers and Chondros himself tried to close the event hastily, seeming very annoyed by what we had exposed. Right after 
the closing and when one of the two of us approached Chondros to remind him the role of him and his brothers in the case of Acheloos River, he replied with screams and expletives, obviously in Greek, not to ruin his civilized image of the highbrow politician that he wanted to present to the German audience. At this moment, Chondros walked threateningly towards one of us and grabbed the comrade with his hands. His attempt to escalate and repel the comrade using physical violence got pushed back straight ahead and was dealt as it was; the physicalization of authoritative arrogance and provocation.

Then the organizers of the event, some first-class members of the “Die Linke” party and people that participate in the management of the place that was hosting the event, coordinated and collectively attempted to repel the comrade outside the place, while the comrade was refusing to leave and was explaining calmly what had just happened. At the same moment they didn’t hesitate to push and repel the female comrade of us that had not been involved in the physical conflict. While she was telling them that they take the political responsibility of expulsing a female immigrant struggler that doesn’t even speak their language, from a place that calls itself place of equality and solidarity, the crowd was screaming and pushing her toward the exit. They even led themselves to the absolute degradation of threatening that they will call the police! In parallel, Chondros was victimizing himself while hiding behind those who chose to support him. Despite the threatening of the mad crowd and their attempt to expulse us, we chose to stay for a few more moments and showcase this absolute delirium that was depicted in our attempted expulsion. We were those who spoke about the everyday brutality that the Greek state executes in the lives of those at the bottom of this society, those who resist directly and uncompromisingly against the authoritative arrogance of the representatives of the state, such as Chondros. We left when we decided so.

Let us clarify that potentially, some of the people that were present in this event, had a pure interest about the situation that prevails in Greece. Maybe, some had already realized how hypocritical and misleading it can be when one of the managers of the state speaks about this situation. We also comprehend a well-intentioned, possibly naive, approach of some people who haven’t experienced directly what it looks like to be deceived by the professional political story-tellers of the reformist left. However, we do not intend to show any tolerance to the 
aspirant statists, those who want to imitate the model of SYRIZA that through the parties of assimilation and internal repression, such as Die 
Linke, pursue to control and deceive the resistance of the downtrodden. Their dream goal is to rise on the top of the power. On that day, the 
members of Die Linke confirmed that the reformist left is a would-be manager of capitalism, a conservative bunch of bullies that if they have  the numbers they will attempt to gag any uncontrollable and unwanted voices.

From our side we don’t attempt to victimize ourselves with this text but to bring up what actually happened that day and why. We anyways have learnt to shoot back persistently against arrestments, imprisonments and other operations that the authorities run against the strugglers. Our immigration doesn’t automatically cancel the position we have chosen in the social war, neither deleted us from the map in general. What 
connects the occupied French roads with the burning barricades in Greece, connects us with the struggles that have been given and continue 
inside and outside the Greek borders; against the capitalism and its managers, against the powers of integration and repression of the 
horizontal movements who can unmask the real role and function of the state.

The bosses should better know that unwelcome surprises can emerge even in the most unpredicted moments, even in the most peaceful and safe Zones.

Well, good luck to mister Chondros and his political career, let him put the money he made in this journey to a good place, let the oil promotion flourish and we see each other in the barricades; where all of us who resist will be at the opposite side of him and his brothers, namely the cops, the judges, the politicians, the peaceful civilians and the bosses.

Solidarity is not a top-to-bottom charity.

We build communities of solidarity and action between the oppressed.

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#Antifa: Fascists in #Athens were looking for journalists with photos before they attacked

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 23:39

Greek territory: Yesterday we reported about the fascist attacks against journalists in Athens. Last night journalists reported that the attackers had photos of journalists and were looking for them. The attacks were prepared and deliberate acts.

Originally published by @YiotaMe.  Written by photojournalist Tatiana Bolari and Black Cat. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

First of all, our colleague is currently at the hospital and is being examined by doctors.

Many of us, who were covering the counter-demo at Propylae, received messages by our colleagues not to go back there and to be really careful if we were forced to do so, because the attackers truly were Golden Dawn members and they had our photos in their hands and were looking for us!

This was not an accidental attack, and the LOOTING was also not accidental. We won’t be intimidated you bloody fascists! We won’t take a step back!

— Kakovoulo_Logismiko (@YiotaMe) 20. Januar 2019

Yiannis Lagos, who is an MP of Golden Dawn is seen in the video in the Tweet below. At the end he is oming out of the place where the incidents happened.

Το video ντοκουμεντο με τον Λαγό της Χρυσης Αυγης να βγαινει μεσα απο τα επεισοδια στο Συνταγμα – Πηγή #Συνταγμα #συλλαλητηριο

— prezatv (@prezatv) 20. Januar 2019

One of the fascists who got arrested today had participated in the attack against the free social space Favela @ekx_favela

— BlackCat (@BlackCat889) 20. Januar 2019

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Resistance to World Economic Forum in #Davos – #NoWEF Demo in #Bern

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 23:14

Leaders of the world’s nation-states are now gathering in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

“Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” is the theme this year.

This theme is an attempt to address the “profound global instability” brought by technological changes and the rise of the far right in global governance.

This meeting of capitalist world powers was met with profound resistance from revolutionary organizations.

Anarchists, anti-fascists, and a variety of other organizations took to the streets and demonstrated the vibrancy of the global resistance to capitalist globalization and to far right governments.

Thousands of revolutionaries marched in downtown Bern, articulating diverse political visions that were all aligned on anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, and for communization.

The resistance is expected to escalate as the meeting continues.

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#Ontario, #Peterborough: Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 22:52

Ontario, So-called Canada: A fairly disruptive demonstration took place in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. The event was organized and led by Indigenous women in response to the call for a day of action in solidarity with the Gidimt’en Access Point and the Unist’ot’en Camp in unceded Wet’suwet’en Territory.

Originally published by Northshore Info.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

‘Peterborough Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en’ began at 3:30pm at Confederation Park. After an introductory welcome and acknowledgement, and some speakers, those gathered moved into and occupied George Street, disrupting traffic on an arterial one-way street leading into the downtown commercial district.

The street remained occupied and closed to traffic at George and Mcdonnel Streets for at least an hour. People played drums, sang songs and collectively expressed solidarity.

The Peterborough Examiner reported 200+ people attended the demo. The police were on the scene but did not take action to move people out of the street.

Colonially named Peterborough is located in Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg Territory. It is known in Nishnaabemowin, Nishnaabeg language, as Nogojiwanong. It means “place at the end of rapids”.

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Elements for a cartography of belonging to a group

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 22:28

An essay ostensibly concerned with theatre becomes the occasion for a Spinozan and Deluzian inspired reflection on human community beyond the opposing, formal conceptions of community as an accidental aggregate of individuals or as a fusional collectivity bound by a common identity.

Originally published by Autonomies.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

The essay we (Autonomies) share below is by the brazilian philosopher Peter Pál Pelbart. (In the absence of the original portuguese language version, our translation relies upon a spanish language translation published by lobo suelto!) The exercise undertaken is difficult (to conceptualise a community of the different) and it is by no means clear that the essay succeeds in attaining its goal, however modestly declared. We are however in agreement that it is along some such path that one must travel if we are indeed to think through autonomous ways of life in common.

We could start from Spinoza, the prince of philosophers. And start with the most elementary. What is an individual? Spinoza responds: an individual is defined by her/his degree of potency. Each of us has a unique degree of power, mine is one, yours is another, hers/his is another. But what is a degree of power? It is a certain power to affect and to be affected. Each one of us has it. The power of being affected by a bureaucrat: it is sufficient to read Kafka to have a very clear idea. And the ability to affect and be affected by an artist, what is it? Could it be that that of a dancer is the same as that of an actor or of a politician? Could it be that that of an acrobat is the same as that of someone who fasts? Again Kafka: see, for example, those short stories about artists in The Hunger Artist. Although Deleuze likes to give the example of the tick, which fulfills its power to be affected by the three elements, light, odour and blood. It climbs to the highest place of a tree in search of light, then it can wait in fasting for a long time in the immense and silent forest, and when it feels the smell of the mammal that is passing, it lets itself drop, aiming for the skin of the animal and the blood behind it. So, what is a tick? Well, it’s a degree of power. It is a certain power to be affected. A tick is defined, ultimately, by those three affects. How to make the cartography of our affections? How to map “ethologically” the affections of an individual, be it a tick or a person? Or a group or a movement?

We are, then, a degree of potentiality, of power, defined by our power to affect and to be affected. But we never know in advance what our power is, what affect we are capable of. It is always an experimental question. We do not yet know what the body is capable of, says Spinoza, we will only discover it in the course of existence. To the taste of encounters. Only through encounters do we learn to select what fits with our body and what does not, what is organised with it, what tends to break it down, what intensifies its force of existing, what diminishes it, what intensifies its power to act, which diminishes it. A good encounter is the one through which my body connects with what is convenient for it, an encounter through which it increases its force of existing, its power to act, its joy. We learn to select our encounters, and to compose: it is a great art that of composition, of the selection of good encounters. With what elements, materials, individuals, groups, ideas, is my power composed, to form a greater power, and that generates greater joy? And conversely, what tends to diminish my power, my power to affect and to be affected, what causes me sadness? What is it that separates me from my strength? Sadness is every passion that implies a diminution of our power to act; joy, every passion that increases our power to act. This opens up an important ethical and political problem: how is it that those who hold power make us sad? The sad passions as necessary to the exercise of power. To inspire sad passions: it is the necessary relationship that imposes the priest, the despot, inspires sadness in its subjects, makes them impotent, deprives them of the force of existing. Sadness is not something vague, it is the diminution of the power to act. To exist is, therefore, to vary in our power to act between these two poles, these ups and downs, elevations and falls.

So, how to fill the power to affect and to be affected that corresponds to us? For example, we can simply be affected by the things that surround us, in the encounters that we have by chance to taste, we can be at the mercy of these, passively, and therefore have only passions. Worse yet, these encounters can be just bad encounters, which give us sad passions, hatred, envy, resentment, humiliation, all of which diminish our strength to exist and we find ourselves separated from our power to act. Now, few philosophers fought so ardently the cult of sad passions. What Spinoza means is that passions are not a problem, they exist and are inevitable, they are neither good nor bad, they are necessary for the encounter of bodies and the encounter of ideas. What is avoidable, to a certain extent, are the sad passions that enslave us in impotence. In other words, it is in the joyful passions where we approach that point of conversion where we can stop simply suffering, to be able to do; to stop having only passions, so as to have actions, to be able to unfold in our power to do, our power to affect, our power to be the direct cause of our actions, and not always to obey external causes, suffering them, being always at the mercy of them. As you have already realised, I am on a free and supersonic flight with Spinoza, with pinches of Deleuze, for our specific purposes.

Deleuze insists on the following: nobody knows in advance what affections s/he is capable of, we do not yet know what a body or a soul is capable of, it is a matter of experimentation, but also of prudence. That is the ethological interpretation of Deleuze: ethics would be a study of the compositions, of the composition between relations, of the composition among powers, of the modes of existence in which this or that compound is derived. It is not a matter of following any command, previous primer, or prescription, but of evaluating the ways of life that result from this or that composition, from this or that encounter, from this or that affectation. If the individual is defined by her/his power to affect and to be affected, to compose itself, the question necessarily expands beyond the individual, and concerns the range of her/his encounters. How relationships can be composed to form a new, “broader” relationship, or how the powers to affect and to be affected can be compounded to constitute a more intense power, a more “intense” potentiality. It is accordingly, says Deleuze, about “sociabilities and communities”. And he even asks: “How are individuals composed to form a superior individual, to infinity? How can a being lead another to her/his world, while preserving or respecting those very relationships and one’s own world?” It is a crucial question, not only for those who work in a group, but for life in general. How can one compose oneself with another, attract her/him to her/his world, while preserving or respecting the relationships and the world specific to that other? As if there could be several worlds, even within a larger composition, without all being reduced to one and the same world. From there, one can think about the constitution of a multiple “body”. For example, a collective would be that, a multiple body, composed of several individuals, with their specific relations of slowness and diligence. A collective could be thought of as that continuous variation between its heterogeneous elements, as a reciprocal affectation between singular powers, in a certain composition of slowness and diligence.

But how to think about the consistency of this “ensemble” composed of singularities, of multiplicity, of heterogeneous elements? Deleuze and Guattari frequently invoke a “plane of consistency”, a “plane of composition”, a “plane of immanence”. In a compositional plane, it is about accompanying the variable connections, the relations of slowness and diligence, the anonymous and impalpable matter dissolving forms and people, strata and subjects, liberating movements, extracting particles and affects. It is a plane of proliferation, of habitation and contagion. On a plane of composition, what is at stake is the consistency with which it manages to gather heterogeneous, disparate elements, and also how it favors multiple events.

As the virtually unintelligible conclusion of a Thousand Plateaus states, what is inscribed in a compositional plane are events, incorporeal transformations, nomadic essences, intensive variations, becomings, smooth spaces: it is always a body without organs. In any case, there is a condition here that serves to think through the micropolitical or macropolitical plane, and in the guise of what appears to be a mathematical formula: N-1. What does that peculiarity mean? Only this. Given any multiplicity, a set of individuals, or singularities, or affects, how can a plane of consistency be produced without subsuming that heterogeneity to some unity? That is, the challenge consists in that: submerged in some multiplicity, how to make the plane of composition conjure away the One that pretends to unify the whole or speak in the name of that multiplicity, be that one the pope, a ruler, the director, an ideology, a predominant affect. It is about rejecting the empire of the One. It is a philosophy of difference, of multiplicity, of singularity, which does not mean Chaos, non-differentiation, anything goes, but just the opposite, affectation, composition, a kind of constructivism, where the only rule, beyond all that chemistry of encounters, and of consistency, is to excommunicate the one who claims to speak on behalf of all, or who believes her/himself to be the representative of a totality that must be avoided at all costs.

Multitude is the opposite of mass. The mass is a homogeneous compact, a non-differentiation of its components in a single direction, subject to a leader. The multitude, as Negri understands it, is the opposite, it is that heterogeneity, that collective intelligence, those reciprocal affectations, that subjective multiplicity. Basically, and that’s where I wanted to go, the multitude is a certain dynamic between the common and the singular, the multiplicity and the variation, excessive power and the sovereign power that tries to contain it, regulate it or mould it – and maybe a theater, performance, or intervention group, could be considered under the same logic, in that dynamic between the common and the singular, composition and consistency, the event and subjectivity. Basically, in these compositions and re-compositions, it is always the immanent experimentation of a commons, it is always about the invention of ways of life, it is always a redistribution of the affections, it is always about the invention of new possibilities. How to think then the community, or the group, or a collective, not according to the model of fusion, of homogeneity, of identity with itself, but of heterogeneity, of plurality, of play, even of reinvented distances inside? In other words, as Blanchot says in La Communauté Inavouable, in the community it is no longer a relation of the Same with the Same, but of a relation in which the Other intervenes, and this is always irreducible, always in dis-symmetry, it introduces the dis-symmetry. As Bataille says: “If this world were not constantly traversed by the convulsive movements of the beings who seek each other (…), it would seem a derision directed at those to whom it gives birth”. But what is this convulsive movement of the beings that look for each other? Would it be love, as when talking about the community of lovers? Or desire, according to Negri? Or is it a movement that does not tolerate any name, neither love nor desire, but attracts beings to throw them towards others, according to their bodies or according to their heart and their thinking, snatching them from ordinary society, reinventing their sensitivity? That this topic is more than an individual obsession of an author is demonstrated by its recurring presence among thinkers of the sixties and seventies. For example, in a course given at the Collège de France in 1976-77, Roland Barthes talks about the question of Comment vivre-ensemble (How to live together), which was the theme of the Biennial that year. Barthes is not interested in the conjugal life-of-two, nor in living-with-many according to a collectivist coercion, but in the challenge of “putting distances in common”, “the utopia of a socialism of distances”, echoing the “pathos of distance” evoked by Nietzsche. They are new forms of collective agency that are emerging, not fused, but rhizomatic. In this vein, resistance itself assumes new modalities. Deleuze never tires of repeating: to create is to resist. To resist is not just to say no, but is to invent, reinvent, to create new effects, new precepts, new possibilities, new possibilities of life. Of course, the very term “creation” is now compromised, and completely subject to the dictates of late capitalism and the society of control, with its insatiable vampirism, which seizes social vitality like no other previous regime had. But at the same time, in that context, such vitality ends up appearing as what it is, not a product of capital, but the patrimony of everyone and anyone, the power of the common person. Even desertion assumes new forms. Speaking of Melville’s Bartleby, the clerk who responds to everything with “I would prefer not to”, Deleuze comments: the particularity of that man is that he has no particularity, he is any man, a man without an essence, the man who refuses to fix himself in a stable personality. Unlike the servile bureaucrat (who comprises the Nazi mass, for example), in the common man, as he appears here, something more is manifest than expressionless anonymity: it is a call for a new community. This is not a community based on hierarchy, paternalism, compassion, as Bartleby’s employer would like to offer him, but a society of brothers, the “community of celibates”. Deleuze detects among Americans, even before independence, that vocation to constitute a society of brothers, a federation of men and goods, a community of anarchist individuals in the heart of universal immigration. The North American pragmatist philosophy, in consonance with the American literature that Deleuze so valued, will struggle not only against the particularities that pit man against man and feed an irremediable distrust between one and another, but also struggle against its opposite, the Universal or the Totality, the fusion of souls in the name of great love or charity, the collective soul in the name of which the inquisitors spoke, as in the famous passage by Dostoevsky, and sometimes among revolutionaries.

Deleuze then asks: what is left to souls when they no longer hold to particularities, what prevents them from merging into a whole? Their originality remains, that is to say, a sound that each emits when he puts her/his foot down upon the road, when he leads his life without seeking salvation, when he embarks on his incarnated journey without any particular objective, and then finds the other traveler, whom he recognizes by the sound. Lawrence said that this was the new messianism or the democratic contribution of American literature: against the European morality of salvation and charity, a morality of life where the soul is only realized by setting foot out on the road, exposed to all contacts, without ever trying to save other souls, deviating from those that emit too authoritarian or too tearful a sound, forming with their equals agreements and accords, even elusive ones. The community of the celibates is that of any man and their singularities that cross paths: it is neither individualism nor communalism.

I would not want to finish this zigzagging journey with an overly assertive conclusion, because we are at such a complex moment that assertiveness can become one more fundamentalist ingredient that combines with many others, such as the religion of capital or the capital of religions. Experimentation is always more hesitant, made up of gaps and disparities, collapses and resumptions, failures, hesitations, unusual happenings, events that are all the more imponderable the less they are exhibited according to the thresholds of perception consecrated by a society of spectacle. Maybe I would like to say just the following, as a closing. Deleuze goes on to say that what matters to him is not the future of revolution, but the becoming-revolutionary of the people, the space-times they are capable of inventing, the events that take place everywhere. So, as he says, being on the Left does not mean a partisan belonging, but a question of perception. When they think of May 68, Deleuze and Guattari were referring to a mutation in sensibility, in social perception, in which suddenly everything that was endured on a daily basis became intolerable and new desires that previously seemed unthinkable were invented. A social mutation is a redistribution of affects, it is a redrawing of the border between what a society perceives as intolerable and what it considers desirable. I do not believe that theater is alien to this task, which is that of sensitivity, perception, the invention of possible, unusual forms of association, modes of existence. It is an aesthetic, ethical, political, subjective challenge. But that does not happen in an ethereal or abstract way. Sometimes we need very specific devices that support such experimentation, such events. To be up to what happens to us is the only possible ethic, to be up to the events that one is in a position to render possible, in the most diverse fields, on the most diverse scales, molar and molecular, rejecting biopolitical nihilism and its increasingly insidious and capillary forms. These diverse apparatuses, of which a certain theater is a part, I would call them biopolitical apparatuses, where a potentiality or power of life, a bio-power, is at stake.

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#Amsterdam: Oily body prints on the Concertgebouw demand end of Shell sponsorship

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 22:12

Amsterdam, January 20, 2019 – Following their successful campaign to get the Van Gogh Museum to end its 18-year sponsorship deal with oil and gas company Shell last year, today artists from Fossil Free Culture NL staged their first performance of 2019 to launch their new project demanding a Fossil Free Museumplein, Amsterdam.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

The group printed oil-drenched human bodies onto the glass façade of the Concertgebouw, exposing the true nature of the inappropriate relationship between the cultural institution and Royal Dutch Shell.

At around 12:00, fifteen performers from Fossil Free Culture NL calmly took their stage in front of the glass façade of the Concertgebouw. Slowly, three oil-drenched bodies emerged and were gently pressed against the glass. The oily body prints left behind after the performance ended, reminded of the twisted bodies depicted in Francis Bacon’s triptychs.

Maria Rietbergen of Fossil Free Culture NL says: “The Concertgebouw is the meeting point for the political and financial elites that rule the Netherlands. Shell lobbyists want to rub shoulders with these elites to normalise their destructive global business practices. Not only in the institution’s business club, but in their boardroom as well. The Concertgebouw is now the last cultural institution on Amsterdam’s Museumplein still accepting sponsorship from the fossil fuel industry. We call for a Fossil Free Museumplein: Concertgebouw, drop Shell!”

The oily body prints refer to the women, men and children across the globe forced, often with their bare hands, to clean up the mess Shell leaves behind. For instance the numerous oil spills in the Niger delta. This unhealthy endeavour usually takes place out of the sight and mind of the majority of the Dutch. Fossil Free Culture NL hits home by placing that particular stain on national culture where it belongs: on Shell’s clubhouse, the Royal Concertgebouw.

The title of the performance, Writing on the Wall, signals that time is up for fossil fuel sponsorship of our cultural heritage.

“The Rijksmuseum rid itself of oilgiant Saudi Aramco in 2017. The Van Gogh Museum followed suit and dropped Shell as their sponsor in 2018. It is now time for the Concertgebouw to immediately cut their ties with the catastrophic fossil fuel industry. Shell is one of the biggest polluters that have knowingly pushed our climate to the brink of collapse. There is no place for Shell in the arts,” says Maria Rietbergen.

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Help Needed for Joe-Joe Bowen

It's Going Down - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:12

The post Help Needed for Joe-Joe Bowen appeared first on It's Going Down.

Call from New York Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) to support a long-running political prisoner.

New York Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) has received a letter from our comrade and political prisoner Joseph “Joe-Joe” Bowen, aka The Old Man. Last year, after four decades of continuous detention in solitary confinement, Joe-Joe was released into general population. Recently, after a verbal argument with a corrections officer (CO) over the content of a book Joe-Joe is writing, he was transferred to another prison and has been held in solitary confinement since. Joe-Joe needs our help.

Call or email DOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717.728.2577

Demand that Wetzel not put Joseph Bowen AM4272 on the restricted release list or on permanent lock-down status. Please let us know what response you receive. NYC ABC can be reached by email at nycabc at riseup dot net, or on twitter, instagram, or facebook at @NYCABC

Since his transfer, Joe-Joe has had no access to the very basics to get by in solitary confinement during a winter in Pennsylvania: thermal underwear tops or bottoms, shower sandals, t-shirts, a towel, or washcloths.

Please donate at or send well-concealed cash, a check, or money order (made payable to NYC ABC) to:

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Please note that the funds you are donating are for Joe-Joe.

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Mexico: We Are Alone Facing the Silence of the Comrades of the Sexta

It's Going Down - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:08

The post Mexico: We Are Alone Facing the Silence of the Comrades of the Sexta appeared first on It's Going Down.

This statement comes from la Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer “Elisa Martínez” A.C., Cihuatlahtolli Feminist Collective A.C. and a liaison committee of the Mexican Sex Work Network. It critiques the recently formed Sexta-affiliated women’s network, La Caracola, for their statement denying sex workers of their agency and not recognizing the anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal and anti-systemic organizing that sex workers have done in Mexico alongside the Sexta.

We are alone facing the silence of the comrades of the Sexta:

It is a pity to hear that the Caracola, a recently formed network of women who have declared themselves to be prostitution abolitionists, state that one of the foundational points that inspires them is the struggle for “all victims of the sex trade and sexual exploitation”.

In a broader sense, there is a reference to victims of the sex trade and sexual exploitation. But for anyone who has advocated and listened to sex workers, there are no victims of the sex trade, except for sex workers who consider themselves as such, who seek to be rescued from their own decisions.

Identifying sex workers as victims of the sex trade is a very humiliating way of ignoring the struggles of sex workers in Mexico who stand against all types of exploitation; it ignores organizations like la Brigada Callejera, the Cihuatlahtolli Feminist Collective and all the collectives that are part of the Mexican Sex Work Network, including anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal and anti-systemic organizations.

Abolitionist women that signed a declaration against the OTRAS sex workers union of Barcelona, Spain, and other abolitionist activists from Argentina have joined forces in the criminalization of AMMAR National and AMMAR Cordoba branches. These abolitionists have imposed their agenda against sex workers and against those that accompany us in our struggle for a world in which many worlds fit.

It is a pity that the declaration on “all victims of sex trade and sexual exploitation” is 100% abolitionist, which creates a feminist cage and prevents the visibility of sex workers.

As sex workers, workers in different professions and as the working class as a whole, we are being exploited economically and repressed by the police when we demand better working conditions; furthermore we face scorn and are deprived of our work and dignity.

Another pity is the fact that women from the Mexican Sexta have fought together in the trenches with sex workers since 2006, and have remained silent in the face of these declarations. These statements deprive sex workers of their identity as sex workers and likens them to victims of the sex trade.

If the expression “victims of sex trade and sexual exploitation” was not the product of consensus, we would personally like to know which activists and collectives do not agree with it.

As president of the Cihuatlahtolli Feminist Collective María de la Cruz Jaimes said, we hope the declaration is because of a lack of knowledge and not because abolitionists are truly against the sex trade.

Again, we confirm that we are alone and that our cause, the cause of sex workers, provokes disgust among many social activists who claim to be feminists. And with the stroke of a pen they hide us and call us victims of the sex trade or victims of prostitution.

Never again a struggle without us sex workers.


Elvira Madrid Romero, for the Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer, “Elisa Martínez”, A.C.

Patricia Médida Ortiz, for the liaison commission of the Mexican Sex Work Network.

María de la Cruz Jaimes García, President of Cihuatlahtolli Feminist Collective A.C., from Orizaba, Veracruz.

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Paying it Forward: North Carolina J20 Ex-Defendants Pass on Anti-Repression Funds

It's Going Down - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:04

The post Paying it Forward: North Carolina J20 Ex-Defendants Pass on Anti-Repression Funds appeared first on It's Going Down.

As part of this weeks call to action on #J20, former defendants are donating thousands of dollars to anarchist and antifascist prisoner support projects all over the world.

Two years ago, roughly twenty anarchists, anti-fascists, and anti-capitalists from the North Carolina region were among the 200+ people arrested for disrupting the Presidential Inauguration spectacle, also known as J20).

Some of us went to trial. Some of us stuck it out until the final dismissal. None of us accepted their bullshit pleas. Despite the prosecution’s divide and conquer tactics, we stuck together. And we beat them! Along the way we learned valuable lessons, gained stronger relationships, and, thanks to our amazing regional support network, a few thousand dollars in defense funds.

With the J20 cases now dismissed, our contribution to this year’s J20 week of action is to pass on those funds in the same spirit that they were given to us—to support those facing state repression for their struggles: Anarchist Black Cross Federation Warchest – to the amount of $3,000.

The ABCF Warchest has existed since 1994 and sends a $30 monthly stipend to political prisoners based on their level of need. Had J20 not ended victoriously for any of us, we know that the Anarchist Black Cross would have been there to give us long-term support, even as the case stopped showing up in the headlines. Realistically, some of us were only a few bad rulings away from actually serving time, so it’s important to us to demonstrate material solidarity with those who *are* doing time for their struggles against oppression and domination. For many of us, the stories behind the political prisoners supported by ABC inspired us to face the J20 charges with our heads held high, and we thank them for their continuing courage.

Ferguson Prisoners Fund – $2,000

This fund is managed by a closed collective that sends $20-a-month to prisoners related to the 2014 Ferguson, Missouri uprising. The $2,000 that we’re donating will cover outstanding costs, post-release needs, help for Ferguson prisoners’ families, and survival expenses like winter clothes in prison.

The current wave of fascism and Trumpism that we stood up against on January 20, 2017 is a reaction to the 2014-2016 wave of black revolt that swept across the USA. The debut of this movement came with the Ferguson Uprising, so it just felt natural to give what we could to those doing time for sparking one of the most important rebellions of our lifetime.

The International Anarchist Defense Fund – $2,000

The International Anarchist Defense Fund gives %10 of its total funds to each request that its collective of donors approves. As reactionary governments are spreading across the globe, this fund is a way to support comrades in countries where fundraising is difficult, where American dollars can go a lot further.

Solidarity with Russian Anarchists and Anti-fascists – $2,000

Since 2017, the FSB, the Russian version of the FBI, has been rounding up anti-fascists and anarchists and torturing them with gruesome violence (including electrocution) in order to make them sign false confessions. FBI-infatuated liberals would like us to see the Russian government as a threat to us *as Americans*, but as defendants who were threatened with decades in prison for resisting authoritarianism here—who were prosecuted in a case where the plaintiff was *literally* the United States of America—we don’t harbor any national allegiance. On the other hand, we *do* support the brave souls actually facing the brunt of the Russian state: anarchist and anti-fascist freedom fighters. The real conflict is not between nations like Russia and the US, but between the governments of those nations and the people they seek to oppress.

International solidarity against all forms of state repression!

Take Action Chapel Hill – $1,000

Being from North Carolina, we also wanted to show solidarity with the struggles against white supremacy where we live. Last year, brave anti-racists and anti-fascists tore down the confederate Silent Sam statue in Chapel Hill. As of this writing, 20 activists are still facing charges for opposing white supremacy and neo-confederates during events in the wake of the fall of Silent Sam. Take Action Chapel Hill’s Anti-Racist Activist Fund provides support for these activists’ legal costs.

And now, a message of thanks to Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff:

Collectively, you threatened us with thousands of years in prison, but now, thanks to you, we’re donating thousands of dollars to support political prisoners in the USA and revolutionaries facing state repression across the world.

Thanks to you, the J20 case has catalyzed an annual week of action to demonstrate direct action, mutual aid, and visions of liberation.

Thanks to you, our relationships are stronger, our understanding of state repression and collective defense has grown, and our dedication to fighting for liberation has deepened.

So, as weird as this may sound, thank you. All this may not have been the goal you were reaching for (emphasis on the “reaching” part), but you did a good job. If only all prosecutors were as effective as you were with the J20 case… But your job is done now. So, Jennifer Kerkhoff, you may kindly Fuck Off.

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#Antifa: Multiple fascist attacks against journalists in #Athens today

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 09:58

Greek territory: Attacks against journalists have been recorded in Athens today, as a nationalist rally brought fascists from all over Greece to Syntagma square.

Originally published by Omnia TV (Written by Lucas Stamellos ) and @xandra_photo. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

A fascist mob attacked photographer Costas Dadamis and confiscated all of his equipment. The man who was covered in blood spoke on camera before his transfer to the hospital:

‘They said ‘hand over your camera’. At first I refused to give my camera to them, so they started hitting me and they chased me and other colleagues who came over to help me’.

How many were the perpetrators?

‘At first they were just two or three people and then a mob gathered, we were on the ground and they were hitting us with clubs’

Did they steal your equipment?

‘They took everything’

The National News Agency in Greece presented the perpetrators as ‘unknown people’ although it has been confirmed that they were fascists. They also used an image depicting antifascists from the counter-demo in Propylae, in order to whitewash today’s nationalist rally.

χρυσαυγιτες επιτέθηκαν στον φωτογράφο Κώστα Νταντάμη στο #συλλαλητήριο για το Μακεδονικό και αφου τον χτύπησαν του έκλεψαν την κάμερα

— Γιάννης Αγγελέτος (@aggeletos1) 20. Januar 2019

Tweet above reads: Golden Dawn members attacked photographer Costas Dadamis at the nationalist rally for the Macedonian issue before stealing his camera.

Screenshot of the tweet of the national news agency using a photo from the counter-rally by antifascists

A series of attacks took place today from fascist groups of the nationalist ‘rally for Macedonia’ against reporters and photographers. A group of fascists wearing balaclavas, attacked journalist Thomas Iacombi.

At 15:38, as the journalist was covering the rally for international news agencies, an organized group of fascists, consisting of at least five individuals, recognized him as a colleague of Angelique Kourounis and screamed at him ‘aren’t you the guy who filmed the documentary on Golden Dawn?’ and attacked him with punches on the head. The attack took place on the corner of Panepistimiou Kriezotou street.

Later the fascists forced T. Iacombi to delete files from his cellphone and destroyed his recorder.

Thomas Iacombi co-authored and directed the documentary ‘Golden Dawn: a personal affair’.

A while later, a fascist mob, which is unknown if it were the same as in the previous attack, attacked the photographer Costas Dadamis, who suffered serious head injuries, while they also stole his equipment.

The fascists groups of the ‘rally’ also attacked the photographer Lefteris Partsalis.

Statement by the Greek Steering Committee of the Photographers Union

The Steering Committee of the Photographers Union in Greece, condemns the murderous attack perpetrated by ‘protesters’ today, in the context of the rally for the Macedonian issue at Syntagma square. As it turned out, through fully confirmed information, a group of men in black who were holding Greek flags and attempted to climb the stairs around the monument of the unknown soldier in order to enter the forecourt of the House of Parliament, attacked five photographers. The details of the victims are available to us but cannot be disclosed at this point.

A colleague sustained serious injuries after being hit with clubs and a screwdriver and was taken to the hospital. He was intentionally hit on the head and other parts of his body and his equipment was stolen. The other photographers sustained less serious injuries however part of their equipment was also stolen or lost. The investigation initiated by the Steering Committee of the Union of Photographers revealed information about a group of people dressed in black clothes with the double-headed eagle printed on them, who were carrying Greek flags and held photographs of the aforementioned photographers.

Obviously, there are suspicions that the attack today could have been planned and that our colleagues who cover protests were targeted. The Steering Committee is appalled and enraged for the fascist actions that took place today.

We call on all the democratic forces in this country to condemn the attack and consider the ways their own rhetoric contributes in the emergence of these incidents, the emergence of fascist attacks against people, freedom of the press and democracy.

Steering Committee of the Union of Photographers in Greece, January 20, 2019

καταγγελία της ΕΦΕ για την φασιστική, φονική επίθεση κατά φωτορεπόρτερ. #Συνταγμα #Συλλαλητηριο_ακροδεξιων #Συλλαλητηριο

— (((lost feather))) (@xandra_photo) 20. Januar 2019

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The radical worker politics of the Los Angeles teacher strike

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 03:44

If its demands are met, the historic teacher strike in Los Angeles has the potential to upend union orthodoxy across the United States.

Originally published by Roar Mag. Written by Jared Sacks.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

Depending on one’s capacity for optimism, 2018 either foretold the rebirth of labor militancy in the United States or, conversely, suggested the last gasp of a movement that has been in near-terminal decline since the 1970s. Two key events took place last year, which, per one’s analysis, have led to opposing predictions for workers in the US.

First, in February 2018, after years of austerity under Republican control, West Virginia teachers and school personnel decided to go on strike. But this was no conventional work stoppage. In West Virginia, teachers are considered providers of “essential services”, making any strike action illegal. Of course, this is part of the reason why neoliberal politicians have been able to walk all over the backs of West Virginia teachers for decades, making them third-last in the nation in terms of pay.

However, it also did not help that their unions — the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the West Virginia School Service Personnel — were all dead set against any risk-taking, never mind an illegal disruption of work.

But against all expectations, West Virginia teachers captivated the nation when they decided to go on strike nonetheless, drawing inspiration from a long history of radical strikes in the state’s dying coal-mines. Their wildcat action brought out over 20,000 teachers shutting down schools in all 55 West Virginia counties.

This turned public opinion against the government — instead of no pay increase at all, they ultimately won their “impossible” demand for a 5 percent pay raise. Immediately, an organizing wave erupted throughout the nation, including follow-up actions by teachers in Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado and North Carolina.

Then, a second key event took place: in June 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled against workers in the landmark case Janus v. AFSCME. The ruling, which had been pushed by conservative advocacy groups, including those affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers, reversed the 1977 Abood v. Detroit Board of Education decision which allowed labor unions to charge agency fees to non-members who benefited from the contracts unions negotiated on their behalf. Labor unions argue that such agreements have proven essential to preventing the common “free-rider” problem.

Post-Janus predictions were grim. The largest unions in the nation, like the SEIU, UAW and NEA, estimated a loss of tens of millions of dollars as well as between 10 to 30 percent of their membership. It was feared that this was the beginning of the end: emboldened conservative NGOs, they believed, would try to ram through further anti-union legislation, expand their “fake news” propaganda, and make it nearly impossible to organize in the workplace.


Fast-forward to January 14, 2019 when an insurgent progressive caucus which took over United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) a few years back led its 32,000 members into the local’s first strike in 30 years. UTLA represents teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second largest, as well as teachers in a small number of local charter schools.

Protesting outside Westchester High School this past Monday morning, only one teacher ROAR spoke with had ever been on a picket-line before — that was during their previous strike in 1989. Yet, despite the Janus decision, not a single Westchester teacher had gone to work that day, turning the school into a daycare center for the roughly 80 students who showed up.

Later in the day, a massive rally took place downtown. Police conservatively estimated that the crowd consisted of at least 20,000 teachers, many of whom had brought homemade signs, and brass bands to liven the atmosphere. Community support was extensive: food carts were selling hotdogs at a special discount for protesters and many passing cars honked in support. This is when it became clear that something unconventional was afoot.

What had happened to the so-called free-rider problem which was believed to devastate unions like UTLA?


UTLA president, Alex Caputo-Pearl, has described their approach to the strike as “bargaining for the common good.” Emerging out of a progressive caucus that was a strident critic of previous union leadership, Caputo-Pearl has foregrounded non-traditional demands, including a significant reduction in class sizes, the hiring of thousands of new teachers and auxiliary support staff such as social workers, the reduction of standardized testing, as well as other demands which are aimed at improving students’ education. Beyond this, UTLA’s new leadership has also cultivated ties with more radical community movements such as Black Lives Matter and anti-ICE immigrant activism.

Yet, what makes this strike different, at least in the context of highly depoliticized corporate unionism in the United States, is the way UTLA is using the strike to force the school district to end its support for charter schools.

For years, union bosses have argued that school privatization is simply not something that can be bargained over at the negotiating table. But Caputo-Pearl and his team have shown that this is simply not true. And even if they do not put a moratorium on new charter schools into their next contract, UTLA is using this strike to turn public opinion, setting the stage for the election of anti-privatization candidates to the LAUSD school board and a possible ballot referendum to expand school funding.

Since the strike began, support for UTLA demands among LA residents has actually increased from an already firm 60 percent to a whopping 80 percent. It looks like a combination of social justice unionism and direct action is having a far-reaching political impact well beyond the bargaining table.


There is no question that there has been an escalation in worker organizing in the US both within and outside unions over the past half-dozen years. Rank-and-file workers are becoming progressively radicalized in response to the state of the economy as well as due to the wider influence of post-recession social movements like Occupy, Black Lives Matter and the Fight for $15.

In this light, one could argue that the Janus decision does not only signify the death knell of “workerism” in the US; much more than that, this massive legal loss for workers has actually turned out to be a bane for the kind of complacent “business unionism” that has come to define the American labor union.

Janus is forcing union leadership to listen to their rank-and-file, to take workers’ thought — to use Sylvain Lazarus’ phrase — seriously. If they do not, the outcome will be either the loss of members refusing to pay the salaries of complacent leaders or, as we see in UTLA, an insurgent form of workerism linking “factory and society” and forcing the labor establishment to give way to a new kind of radical worker politics.

UTLA is the first indication that the end of agency fees can actually reorient union politics back to its base. So, perhaps, we should send a thank you letter to the Koch brothers after all.

Over 60,000 people converged in DT Los Angeles to mark the end of the first week of our strike. Bargaining continues through the weekend. Our picket lines remain strong. #UTLAstrong #LAUSDstrike #WeAreLA

— United Teachers Los Angeles (@UTLAnow) 18. Januar 2019

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On Slavery, Nat Turner, John Brown, and Drones: A Statement from Sean Swain

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 03:07

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on last year in the lead-up to the annual International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. We are reposting it at the direct request of Sean Swain: “The [Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction] has decided to make me die in their prisons for the [following] article. So, please make sure this gets everywhere.”

Originally published by Earth First Journal.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

In previous years, I have used the occasion of June 11 to roll out what I thought were pretty big ideas. In 2015, for example, I described how had posted the home addresses of Ohio prison officials, including those who had orchestrated the torture regimen I endured at Mansfield. In that statement, opposing torture, I suggested that we collectively adopt a policy of self-defense against state terrorists, that when they torture us, we burn their cars and houses down; that when they stop the torture, we stop the burning.

The ODRC claimed that what I said constituted a threat to every single employee of the ODRC and their families. As what I wrote was a statement opposing torture, to me, it seems like something of an admission that every single employee of the ODRC was threatened. This means that even the ODRC recognizes that all of its employees participate in torture.

At any rate, as fate will have it, in 2017 when I undertook at 50-day hungerstrike, those home addresses were still posted. I have it on good authority that prison officials received death threats at their homes, at all hours of the night and day, phoned in from “exotic area codes.” I have also heard a rumor that, at one of those state terrorist’s residences, an item of property of significant value somehow ended up getting torched. I don’t know whose home, and I don’t know whether the significantly-valued property was a house or a car or even a barbecue grill, but I know this: After that piece of property got torched, state terrorists began negotiating an end to my hungerstrike and I got all of my communications restored.

As a side note, I have also heard a rumor – no telling how true this is – that blood evidence was found at the state terrorist’s residence where property was torched; the state tested it and discovered the DNA was mine. Not sure how something like that could happen, as I clearly have an alibi. I think it would take a pretty elaborate and complicated plan for anyone to have gotten my blood out of a maximum security prison to smear it around at a crime scene.

But that’s the rumor.

Every year, state terrorists retaliate against me for the content of my June 11 statements, usually through their kangaroo disciplinary process. I have come to think of my June 11 statements as a kind of “heart attack delivery system,” a weaponized form of communication designed to cause cardiac distress for state terrorists who ponder all the doom and disaster that confronts them if what I’m saying inspires you.

Please let this inspire you.

This year, there’s virtually nothing the state terrorists can do to me. I already have all of my communications suspended and I have been essentially kicked out of every single prison of higher security than this one.

I have to wonder what will get torched next… and where authorities will find my blood smeared.

With my mail monitored by federal authorities, this statement still made it to its destination. I think we can all agree that we really don’t feel safe with these geniuses protecting the public, right? I know I don’t.

So, at any rate, to the topic of this year’s statement…

When pondering what I might be able to do for the cause of freedom – true freedom, what anarchy really represents – I often ask myself, “What would Nat Turner do? What would John Brown do?” These are the questions that come to mind because we are all facing a system of slavery.

My enslavement is maybe a bit more obvious than yours, but yours is just as real as mine. Perhaps my experience is more analogous to the struggle of field hands during plantation days and perhaps your experience is more akin to the house servants. You have slightly more amenities that I do, a bigger pile of toys, but ask yourself: what would happen if you didn’t smile at your boss’s stale jokes? What would happen if you told that cop what you really thought of him and his authority? Never mind overt behaviors like waving fists, let’s just consider things as harmless as facial expressions. We live in a society so unfree that a boss can fire you or a cop can kill you, not for violent behavior or aggressive gestures, but for the look on your face.

Cops in Nevada had an intoxicated man sobbing and crawling around on the carpet in a hotel hallway for twenty minutes, playing some demented version of “Simon Says,” before pumping him full of slugs and killing him… for adjusting his pants that were falling down. The difference between that guy and you? You happened to not be in that hotel hallway. That’s all.

So, if you really think you’re free, you’re not paying attention.

And anyone who is not free is a slave.

I’m a slave. So are you. Our common enemy enslaves us.

So, I look to Nat Turner and John Brown as role models. They both sought to instigate slave rebellions. And just to demonstrate to you that I have no illusions about what those two figures really represent… After Nat Turner killed his slave-owner with a hatchet, and after he likewise killed that slave-owner’s wife and older children, Nat Turner left that plantation and permitted the slave-owner’s infant son to live. But, later on, he sent two rebels back to kill the child, as he came to realize that as long as that child was left alive, that child was his owner. That baby would inherit Nat Turner as a piece of property.

To be free, Nat Turner had to kill that infant. In the aftermath of that slave rebellion, that infant child was found headless in the fireplace. Its skull had been repeatedly dashed against the bricks.

So, just to be clear, I am fully aware of the unmitigated violence unleashed by Nat Turner in that famous slave rebellion, and I still consider Nat Turner a role model. If you enslave me and you have an infant son that will inherit me, and if you have a tasteful, brick fireplace, then you will probably want to make sure my fellow slaves and I never find a way to get our hands on some hatchets.

You really won’t like the outcome.

In the case of John Brown, he intended to raid the federal armory at Harper’s Ferry and distribute the firearms and ammunition to slaves, arming them in full knowledge that those slaves would utterly slaughter the plantation aristocracy of the South. Rather than fomenting rebellion with hatchets, leaving rebel slaves to dash infant brains against stone fireplaces, John Brown sought to provide guns that would make the bloodbath more efficient and much quicker.

You might outrun rebel slaves with hatchets.

You won’t outrun bullets.

At any rate, when I say I’m a big fan of Nat Turner and John Brown, just to be clear, I’m not talking about the polished portraits that the government may place on commemorative postage stamps. No, I’m referring to the enemies of the state who struggled for the wholesale destruction of the slave-owning class as a means for obtaining liberation, the rebels who were hung with nooses placed around their necks by that very same government that now issues commemorative postage stamps.

Most of my role models have been executed.

Go figure.

So, as I said, I often ask myself: What would Nat Turner do? What would John Brown do? Often, I find my mind drifting to technological advances like drones. It seems to me that if John Brown were alive today, he would likely be amassing a fleet of drones – for delivery of weapons and bolt cutters into prisons. If Nat Turner were alive today, he would be conspiring with underground resistance to arrange delivery of guns and ammunition, machetes and hatchets.

Consider this: The larger system reducing all of us to slavery relies on a few essential components to maintain control. One of those central components is the criminal justice complex, the courts and prisons, the capacity of the state to punish. This capacity to punish not only neutralizes those who rebel, like Marius Mason or Jeremy Hammond, the Cleveland 4 and the NATO 5, but the threat that this complex represents keeps the rest of us in our assigned seats, obeying, complying, following orders, maintaining the program.

If that capacity to punish was suddenly suspended or greatly impeded, not only would you have angry savages spilling out into the world, creating a real mess of things, but you would have a population emboldened, more and more, to wild out. So, the destruction of the prison complex is also the destruction of hierarchical disorder, the unraveling of the existent system, the collapse of the global slavocracy.

Drone deliveries of weapons and ammunition into the prison complex would be a great contribution to that collapse.

Consider, in Ohio prisons for example, on the inside of the prison fences, there are two operable firearms. One pistol remains in a safe in the warden’s office while the other remains in a safe in the office of the chief of security, the major. No one else inside the perimeter is armed with anything more than pepper spray or billy clubs, which can easily be appropriated by rebel prisoners with rifles. In such a scenario, agents of control would attempt to re-take the prison, but the same conditions that keep prisoners from getting out would also work to keep those agents from easily getting in. There exists no contingency plan for attempting to re-take a prison complex from armed rebels with assault rifles and perhaps hundreds of captured government forces.


So, imagine how the government might respond to two or three or a dozen slave rebellions occurring at the same time, all involving armed rebels holding the prison hostage… and thereby holding the government hostage… and thereby holding the hierarch model hostage. A dozen Attica or Lucasville Uprisings… where prisoners are locked and loaded.

We’re not just talking about spectacle – although it would certainly be a spectacle – we’re talking about a critical disjuncture, an event so cataclysmic and so utterly devastating to both the reality and the myth of hierarchy that generations would understand existence in such a way that there was the “world before” and the “world after” these rebellions. It would be the Titanic, the Hindenburg, 911, and Columbine, all wrapped up into one event.

So, given this great potential, we have to ask: Why hasn’t this happened yet? As far as I can tell, there are two reasons. First, the cost of drones and weapons. Second, the penalties for getting caught. I’d like to address these issues in that order.

The cost of a drone that can carry a decent payload might be a few grand. I remember a few years back, the top-of-the-line drone was $2,500. No doubt, drones have advanced and costs have increased.

But, I would point out that after the initial pay-out in purchasing a drone, this is a project that can more than pay for itself. With a drone, you can generate a great deal of revenue. Here at Warren Correctional, for instance, five founds of tobacco can get you roughly $4,000, and if the prisoner on the receiving end is willing to go to the troubles of breaking up that bulk amount into packages for sale to the consumers, it could get you up to as a much as $10,000.

We’re talking tobacco here, not cocaine or meth. One delivery per month of five pounds of tobacco would generate a minimum of $48,000 per year – just from this prison.

But consider: There are a number of other prisons with cell blocks where drone deliveries of tobacco can be effectively made. So, with one drone, someone could conceivably generate more than half a million dollars per year in drone deliveries of tobacco just to Ohio prisons with cell blocks. That doesn’t include deliveries of cell phones, which can go for as much as $500 a piece, or pot, or hard drugs, or specialty items like bottles of vodka or cigars or Penthouse magazines; rope ladders, explosives, or bolt cutters.

Half a million dollars a year from twelve deliveries across Ohio per month. That could fund a lot of radical activity. We’re talking about becoming the “professional anarchists” that Donald Trump predicted right after his inauguration.

Now, if anyone feels badly about delivering over-priced lung cancer to prisoners, you should know that five pounds of tobacco will flow into this prison and guards will pocket the profits unless you cut them out and monopolize the tobacco deliveries. Somebody will deliver high-priced lung cancer to prisoners. The question is whose pockets will get filled. Will it be opportunists who hate prisoners, or will it be rebels who use that money to liberate prisoners?

I think that probably covers the economic aspect. As to the penalties for getting caught, when you move from tobacco to dropping off dufflebags full of AR-15 rifles, you’re facing some really serious penalties. If you get caught, state terrorists are going to bury you.

I would suggest not getting caught.

There are folks who have already gotten caught making drone deliveries into prisons. You can probably look at the mistakes they made in order to avoid repeating them. Things I would suggest in order to avoid getting caught:

  • Do not have drones registered in your name. Buy a used drone from before registration was mandatory, or send in someone to buy the drone for you and then report it as stolen.
  • Do not deliver during daylight hours. As all deliveries are done at night during limited visibility, you will need more planning and advance coordination.
  • Do not deliver to dormitories. In prisons with dorms, you have hundreds of witnesses. You want to deliver to cell blocks so that you can deliver to a specific cell window where a maximum of two occupants are aware of what happened.
  • Do not attach the payload to the drone itself. You want a few hundred feet of high-test fishing line that you use to connect the payload to the drone, or some metal cable spray-painted black. That way, the drone can remain at a much higher altitude where it cannot be seen or heard while the payload arrives at the proper cell window.
  • Fly the drone at maximum altitude until it is directly over the delivery point. Once you make the first delivery and establish the drone’s position, you can program the drone to stop at that exact point every single time.
  • Coordinate deliveries in advance. That means the prisoner receiving the delivery should have a cell phone or some other method of communicating so that monitored phones and emails aren’t used. Coordinated deliveries guarantee that the drone will be present over the prison for the shortest amount of time. In and out. Zoom, zoom. Then, gone.

If anarchists and prison abolitionists across the country begin drone deliveries in state prisons, collectives in all fifty states could generate millions of dollars that provide anarchists the luxury of making rebellion their full-time jobs. It would also provide massive funds for proxies to take to gun shows for purchasing stockpiles of weapons and ammunition. Then, whenever prison riots or disturbances begin, or wherever prisoner rebels are planning on getting started, a drone delivery of weapons could be on the way.

Advances in drone technology have already evolved so that drones can now carry a payload of hundreds of pounds, making it possible to transport a human being by drone. It could be that, by this time next year, I will be writing about how rebels can use the commercially-available high-end drones to conduct selective extractions from prisons. And, perhaps, by then, prison abolitionists will have already generated millions of dollars and will already have the drone-delivery experience to start those extractions.

What would Nat Turner and John Brown think about our current era and the possibilities of slave uprisings?

Interesting times.

Sean Swain, June 2018.

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France: The last prisoner of the Quai Valmy case will soon be released on bail

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 02:30

The request for release on bail concerning the last person in prison for the Quai de Valmy case was definitively rejected by the Chamber of sentence enforcement, appeal jurisdiction of sentence enforcement Judge (JAP).

Originally published by Anarhija Info. Translated by Act for Freedom Now!

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

He will remain locked up in the prison of Meaux till he gets out with the benefit of sentence reduction; the appointed date is end of January [1].

However, they will be among the people affected by the bill drawn up by Taubira [socialist minister of law] in 2014 (art. 71-2 of the penal code), which allows the application of a certain number of restrictions to the period of sentence reduction; otherwise there’s the risk of going straight back to prison. In short, a sort of judicial control in retrospect, after a custodial sentence has already been served, which constitutes an additional sentence under the pretext of rehabilitation.

Judge and Prosecutor, undoubtedly because they found he would get out (a little) too soon for their taste didn’t spare anything to give him almost all the possible restrictions in this case:

– Prohibition to go to Paris
– Compulsory residence in a designated place
– Obligation to pay damages to the civil parties
– Prohibition to get in contact with other defendants and victims
– Prohibition of carrying weapons
– Obligation to comply with the judge’s and an appointed social worker’s summons
– Obligation to see a social worker and to provide the latter with all information and documents necessary to control the nature of his livelihood and the execution of his obligations
– Obligation to inform a social worker about changes of address and job and any journey longer than 15 days
– Obligation to request the Judge’s authorisation concerning change of job or address if the change is likely to hamper his obligations
– Obligation to inform the Judge about any journey abroad

All this applies to the period of sentence reduction, that is to say six months.

This is an obvious intention to make him pay in full for his silence on the events. However, if this bill keeps people who get out of prison under control, we don’t have to forget that it was already normal for sentence reductions to simply be suppressed, especially for those sentenced on terrorism charges.

Their repression won’t stop our rebellion; freedom for all

[1] Sentence reduction: a measure that takes days off a sentence reducing a person’s final sentence. Days can be taken off or added to this ‘amount’, as the prison administration assesses a person’s good or bad behaviour.

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Void Network: Anarchist Social Struggles in Greece – Friday 25/1/2019 Cowley Club- #Brighton, #UK territory

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 01:11

Info event on January 25, 2019, at the Cowley Club in Brighton, (UK territory): Anarchist Social Struggles in Greece- open public dialogue with anarchist members from Void Network from Athens.

Originally published by Void Network.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

Anarchist Social Struggles in Greece- open public dialogue with anarchist members from Void Network fromAthens Friday 25/1/2019Cowley Club | Brighton

Greece became a world news report center during the revolt of December 2008 after the assassination of 15 years old boy Alexis Grigoropoulos, by the Greek police in Exarchia square, the stronghold of anarchists and leftists in Athens for the last 40 years. The global economic crises brought Greece again in global news focus from 2010 to 2012 as the collapse of Greek economy activated a general social revolt with the participation of the majority of the population and a serial of social experimentations in self-organization, horizontal assemblies, general strikes, mutual help movements and confrontation with authorities. After the election of left party “Syriza” in the government in 2015 and the appearance of neo-nazi party Golden Dawn the social movements continue to offer alive paradigms of resistance. In our days Greece appears as the country with one of the strongest anarchist movements in the world.

Two members of Void Network [], Sissy Doutsiou (actress, published poet and essayist) and TasosSagris, co-editor of the books “We are an Image from the Future- The Greek Revolt of Dec. 2008 (AK Press 2010) and “From Democracy to Freedom” (Crimethinc, 2018) will create a public dialogue about social movements in Greece as also about the international co-ordination of the struggles.

As English society face Brexit and European and Greek national elections come closer the talk will take the form of direct Q&A and will include analysis about democracy, far-right and left governments, investigating emancipatory possibilities in the self-organized social projects,  neighborhood assemblies, horizontal anarchist groups and federations, searching for tools and methodologies of creating and defending social centers, solidarity networks and mutual help projects, empowering the fight against the state and capitalism, make antifascist struggles, anarchofeminism and LGBTQI movements stronger, talking about the anarchist movement in Greece and the world today as also share an open invitation for international co-ordination

FRIDAY 25/1/2019 – starts 19.00 until 02.00 Anarchist Social Struggles in Greece– open public dialogue with anarchist members from Void Network from Athens, Cowley Club Brighton 12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA, England, UK territory.

After the talk will follow multi media poetry action, visual art and cinematographic electronic soundscapes

Free entrance / suggested donation – members and guests

Void Network is an anarchist group that first appeared in 1990 in Athens / Greece with aim the radicalization of every-day life, the social question, the arising of critical mind, the ecstatic collective symbiosis, the visibility of diversity, the participation to the social struggles of our times. Other aims are the creation of social centers, self-organized autonomous spaces, the construction of situations in public space and the ephemeral arts. In the last 30 years Void Network organized hundreds events and actions in a weekly base, discussions, multi media lectures and poetry shows, open free festivals, art exhibitions, performances, documentary and cinema shows, organization and participation to demonstrations, street parades and public actions, celebrations, concerts, publications, open collaborative workshops and liberated autonomous public zones for thousands upon thousands of people.

More info about VOID NETWORK / Athens – Greece 
as also Global and Local Movements News, Library, Music and Void TV:

The Cowley Club is a libertarian social centre in Brighton, England, United Kingdom opened in 2003. It provides resources and meeting spaces for groups and individuals active in areas such as workplace and unemployed struggles, international solidarity, animal liberation, ecological defence, feminist and queer activism and opposing the arms trade.Its political identity is close to anarchism or libertarian socialism. It also houses a vegan community café, a bookshop,and free English lessons for migrants. The Cowley Club is named after local activist Harry Cowley and is part of the UK Social Centre Network. More info:

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#London: Hundreds turn out in solidarity with Russian anti-fascists

Enough is Enough! - Sun, 01/20/2019 - 00:24

London, January 19: Hundreds of people turned out today for a solidarity demo organised by a coalition of London groups in aid of Russian anti-fascists who have been facing a brutal wave of repression by the Kremlin — which saw four new arrests occur earlier today.

Originally published by Freedom News.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

One attendee at the march, which ended at the famous Cable Street mural dedicated to the London East End’s defeat of Oswald Mosely’s blackshirts in 1936, said the turnout was “fantastic” with a “sombre but intense energy.” It was followed by a fundraising gig at DIY Space for London.

Ahead of the march Plan C put out a statement on the situation in Russia over the last two years, noting:

The repression began in autumn 2017 when six anti-fascists were arrested in Penza and had weapons and explosives planted on them. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) tortured the anti-fascists in the pre-trial detention facility by electrocuting them, beating them and hanging them upside down. While torturing them, security chiefs forced the activists to memorise the testimony the FSB wanted them to give: that they were part of a fictional terrorist group called ‘The Network’.

Two more anti-fascists were arrested in St Petersburg at the end of January 2018 and were also beaten, electrocuted and forced to incriminate themselves by saying they were members of ‘The Network’. A third person was accused in St. Petersburg and two more from Penza have also been arrested for supposed involvement in this make-believe organisation. The FSB claims that the detainees planned to arrange explosions during the presidential elections and the World Cup to “further destabilise the political situation in the country”.

After knowledge of the fabricated court cases and horrific torture became widespread, solidarity actions started to take place, but this led to more repression. Some Russian activists who took part were detained, electrocuted and had criminal proceedings started against them– just for expressing solidarity.

This repression of anti-fascists comes at a time when the Russian state are working with gangs of far-right thugs to repress the whole of civil society.

Well-known socialist activist Igor Yasin has been arrested at an anti-fascist demo in Moscow

The ongoing nature of the repression was highlighted in Russia itself today after four people were detained in Moscow at an anti-fascist protest. Russian left site Socialist News reported (Warning Facebook Link) this evening:

Nikolay Kretov, Igor Yasin, Dmitry Borisenko and Mikhail Komrakov, who were detained on the Anti-Fascist march on January 19th, will spend two nights in the Arbat Department of Internal Affairs on Monday. 

The police at first illegally detained them on a tip from the provocateur, then punished them with depriving freedom. On Sunday at 1pm a picket will begin at the Arbat Department of Internal Affairs against this outrage. 

Around a dozen organisations have been involved in the callout, including the Anarchist Federation, Anarchist Communist Group, Brazilian Women Against Fascism, Feminist Fightback and various anti-fascist groups based in London, Brighton and Bristol.

The event comes at the same time as the launch in London of a new Anti-Fascist Assembly, which is aiming to co-ordinate “a militant response to the rising tide of fascism in the city.” The event, to be held on February 10th, aims to draw in a wide range of of organisations, collectives, campaigns and trade unions. Organisers can be contacted via

Solidarity marchers at the Cable Street mural

Pics courtesy of Plan C and Anton Karliner

For more information on the ‘Network’ case, see

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#Amsterdam: #ADM occupied Dam square

Enough is Enough! - Sat, 01/19/2019 - 23:45

Amsterdam, January 19: Yes people it is true. Dark days have fallen upon the city of Amsterdam and with it came a wave of opperession. ADM R.I.P. Tonight several ADMers and other groups took there homelessness to the Dam square for a good old fashionioned street sleeping action. Join us and lets keep the cold streets heated with our passion for freedom.

Originally published by ADM.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Watch newswaas 7 here:

adm newswaas #8 (damslapen) from Not Their Amsterdam on Vimeo.

19 Januari 2019 18:00
Dam square Amsterdam with live music, speakers, talks, hot food, drinks, games. On the prograam: Bucket boyz, The Ex (half acoustic), queer choir, Rythems of resistance, Please bring tents, sleeping bags, warmcloths, snacks, instuments, candels, anything else to enjoy a night under the Amsterdam winter sky.

We represent a special kind of homelessness. It is not that they only evict us from our homes, they are trying  to evict  our dreams. Our dreams whitch we create and live in free places.
Us, the subculture emerging from unlighted basements, waterless fields, ruined factories and deserted offices and slowly but surely rising new solutions, trends, movements. Influencing culture, art, intellectuals and commons without discriminating, always questioning, always caring.

That is what creates home, dreams and love, where someone understands you, not a house. A house that is simple wall of bricks, an empty shell. They can evict us from these houses and houses we will walk away from, but the home is in our hearts and stays there forever.

Don’t try to force us in the places you find suitable. Help us survive in places we find suitable. Being forced into mediocracy is being forced to give up your world, your believes, your dignity. A house is not home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body

If you do not give us what belong to us in peace, we will take it by force.

This is our city!     This is our city!

We grow up here.
We study here.
We are born here.
We fall in love here.
We work here.
We play here.
We make culture here.

But we are not allowed to live here. Living in Amsterdam has become a privilege.

Social houses are being sold on the free market, rents are un-affordable, free spaces are evicted and homeless shelters are closed. Still Amsterdam is full of empty office space, Anti-squats and Hotels. Because we have no were else to go tonight we sleep here.

The Amsterdam once known for its progressive, tolerant and unique character is suffering from a dangerously contagious disease. Some people call it ‘selling out’ others say gentrification. How ever you name it the main symptom is that wealth of the view is more important then the well being of the inhabitants. In short the decision makers choose profit of people.

Recently Amsterdam has thrown away one of it’s sub-cultural treasures. The ADM was a squatted community in the westport harbour. It housed more then 120 people for 21 years. This place famous for it’s innovating festivals, self sustainability, perma-culture projects, Do It Youself attitude and wild life was brutally evicted on the 7th of January. This is another example of how the city council clearly chooses to keep it’s business connection happy while shitting on the spirit that makes Amsterdam special.

We are part of this demonstration because it’s important for us that people in this city can live wherever and however they want without being prevented from the capitalist,  patriarchal and racist structures we live in.

We  find ourselves responsible to fight discriminating structures and the hierarchic power-relations – also the ones in our own minds.

The reason why we want to live in a free space is our wish for independence from hierarchies that we tend to find in houses. Houses belong to owners, they conform to standards and obey rules on which we can’t exert influence. We want to build our own infrastructure in order to understand how they work so that we can finally shape our lives in a self-determined way.

For us squatting is an emancipatory act which enables us to shape vacant rooms and areas according to our own needs. We show our solidarity with all groups and individuals who likewise empower themselves, adapt and fill new rooms.

It is often not enough to just acknowledge the existing power of patriarchal structures. Moreover, we need to consciously resist them by giving space to people who wouldn’t necessarily get it within the heteronormative daily life.

Video of a noise demo for the ADM prisoners earlier this month:

noise demo for the 3 arrestees still in jail after ADM eviction from Not Their Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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Just More Determined: a reportback from the TransCanada shutdown

Enough is Enough! - Sat, 01/19/2019 - 04:16

Canadian territory: A reportback of an action in solidarity with Unistoten.

Originally published by Northshore Info.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

We did so in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en peoples at Unis’tot’en & the Gidumt’en checkpoint who were attacked on their unceded homelands by the RCMP for protecting their territories from industry.

The facility we chose operates on the “Chippewa” line – a natural gas mainline that imports from the Appalachia region and directs gas eastward beyond Tkaronto, and westward to fuel tarsands operations in Alberta. We chose a compressor station prior to the directional split for maximum impact. Unfortunately – as successful as our organizing and mobilization were – our primary goal of shutting down the pipeline was not.

On Monday TransCanada [TC Energy] showed us that all they really do care about is money by choosing to ignore their own [and federally mandated] safety operating procedures several times over.

If you were to spend a good number of hours poring over TransCanada’s [or any pipeline company’s] handbooks and emergency response plans, you’d come away with a few things. One; unauthorized individuals on site near infrastructure should prompt the company to shut down and isolate the station – especially if they present any kind of risk to infrastructure operation. Two; manual emergency shutdown buttons are located throughout the site. Three; remote monitoring should show and flag any changes at the station – whether in flow, power systems, or emergency shutoffs – and signal operators to shut down and isolate the station or section.

With all that in mind, we started our day with a phone call. “We’re here. We’re not going away. We are prepared to engage the emergency shutoffs, but maybe you’d rather?” It was meant as a soft warning; something that had worked in other instances, and prompted previous companies to engage their own shutdown procedures.

TransCanada put us on hold.

After twenty minutes, we hung up and called back; “We know it takes you 3 minutes for a complete shutdown and isolation procedure; you have ten. Then we’ll be engaging the emergency shutdown from on-site.”

The ten minute deadline brought nothing.

Emergency shutoff buttons was engaged. None made any change to the operations. Is TransCanada fooling everyone with those buttons, or had they somehow locked out manual operation thanks to the pleasant heads-up we’d been considerate enough to give?

It was around now that other events began unfolding.

Two individuals appeared on the gravel site next to us, climbing giant rock hills with cameras to take photos.

People who had attended a public rally downtown found their way to the site to offer support after hearing about our action. This was a nice reminder that even though we can’t invite everyone to an action initially that there are lots of people wanting to plug in, support, and throw down with us – for Unist’ot’en.

Next, there was a pleasant discovery that some handy beavers had moved some felled birch trees and branches across the driveway entrance which kept police response vehicles at bay.

A white surveillance plane flew low overhead, circling the site.

We received a heartwarming phone call from some Wet’suwet’en folks and allies from the unceded west coast. We all gathered around, listening on speakerphone as they offered their gratitude and thanks, telling us they felt inspired and supported.

And, finally, after nearly 3 hours of gathering forces at the end of the driveway and in neighbouring suburbs, police began their initial approach.

It was very anti-climactic. “How long will you all be here? Do you have everything you need – bathrooms?” 

We walked away, upped the music, and feasted on an incredible hot lunch that had been prepared and delivered to the site. Reinvigorated, we continued our escalation by cutting off the primary power to the site – knowing that there were backups but anticipating the TransCanada would see the change on their system and – maybe – begin to take this seriously.

It soon became clear that – for the fourth time – TransCanada was choosing to ignore internal and federal safety procedures for profit.

The only thing left to do was manually operate the valve closures – and a daytime occupation wasn’t necessarily the time for that, especially in conjunction with a limited understanding of the procedure itself. 

A helicopter approached from the right of way, circling overhead for a moment.

It was, for now, time to call it a day while we still could.

After 6 hours on site we walked away, grappling with our feelings of grief and inadequacy by reminding ourselves of the smaller victories. Victories like a large mass of people coming together prepared to stand united in a large direct action, which incorporated varying levels of risk and autonomy. Like new people joining us, prepared to take risk after being moved by our action. Being able to offer inspiration and hope to other groups and communities. And even just the clarity that something like it can be done – quite easily – if there’s motivation. After a hard year repression-wise, here we were: Still fighting. Still capable.And as it turns out there’s no lack of motivation. Learning from our miscalculations has only made us more determined. More creative. Smarter.

So, dear allies, friends, comrades – if you missed this opportunity be sure to watch for the next. Or create your own.

Silence and inaction are complicity.

Now is the time to stand behind your land acknowledgements. To engage in the action part of decolonization. To shut it all down until this project is shut down, and stand with the Wet’suwet’en trying to protect their homelands.

#Wetsuwetenstrong #thetimeisnow #notrespass #nopipelines

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