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Atlas Office Attacked With Powerful Stench Agent

Thu, 02/02/2023 - 10:46

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest






Submitted anonymously over email

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Italy: Forty-One Arrested After Demonstration in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

Wed, 02/01/2023 - 10:05

from Anarchist News

Clashes and demonstration in Trastevere in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on 101st day of hunger strike (Rome, Italy 28th January 2023)

We are publishing a short contribution on the demonstration held Saturday 28th January in Rome in solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cospito 101 days from the beginning of the hunger strike.
Near the gathering in piazza Trilussa – which lasted several hours and from which a demonstration had been unable to set off – after some of those present had slipped out of the encirclement, there were some clashes with the repressive forces, they soon found themselves in difficulty due to being partially surrounded and to the determination of comrades to hold the streets (but they managed to stop a comrade near Piazza Trilussa). After the clashes, a demonstration was held in the small streets of Trastevere.

At the end of the demo a few dozen comrades were stopped by the DIGOS, police in riot gear and carabinieri. All 41 people apprehended during the day, taken to the police station and released without restriction from the early hours of Sunday 29, were charged with Article 337 of the Criminal Code (resisting a public official). Below is a brief informative note issued on 29 January itself.

In these days when the comrade’s health condition is rapidly and dramatically worsening, with this initiative the comrades present affirmed the importance of a presence and consequent conflictual practice to be held in the streets, in solidarity with Alfredo in support of the hunger strike. We continue the struggle with rage and determination. Alfredo out from 41 bis!

* * *
Yesterday in Rome struggle in the streets against 41 bis and life imprisonment without parole, with Alfredo Cospito 101 days on hunger strike. The police wanted to surround the demonstrators, they were surrounded. The riot police in total confusion charged the DIGOS twice, managing to send one of them to hospital. The boss of the square wanted to prevent a harmless demo, he got two hours of wild demonstration in Trastevere, which resisted by barricading itself and repelling numerous charges in the alleys.
While it is true that most of the 41 arrested could have been avoided if it had been realised a few minutes earlier that the party was coming to an end, this does not detract one iota from the message of anger at the imminent execution of our comrade coming from the streets. If anything, it reinforces it.

A big thank you to all the rebels and solidarity with all those accused.

Long live anarchy!

via: Lanemesi translated by Act for freedom now!

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1,300+ US Groups Demand Atlanta Mayor’s Resignation Over Forest Defender Tortuguita’s Killing

Tue, 01/31/2023 - 13:27

by Julia Conley / Common Dreams

Demonstrators protest the death of environmental activist Tortuguita on January 21, 2023 in Atlanta.

A coalition of more than 1,300 climate and racial justice groups from across the United States on Monday joined a call for an independent investigation into the police killing of forest defender Manuel Paez Terán earlier this month, and demanded the resignation of Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens.

Nearly two weeks after the fatal shooting of the 26-year-old activist and medic—known as Tortuguita—Dickens “has still failed to condemn the killing,” said the groups, and has instead opted “to condemn protestors and parrot the rhetoric of extreme right-wing governor Brian Kemp.”

Tortuguita was shot and killed on January 18 when a joint task force including Atlanta police officers raided an encampment at Weelaunee forest. The forest is the site of a proposed $90 million police training facility known as Cop City.

“His championing of Cop City occurs against the backdrop of a continued investment in the gentrification of Atlanta and a continued disinvestment of affordable housing for a city identified as having the country’s highest level of wealth inequality.”

Over the weekend Dickens, a Democrat, condemned people who have protested Tortuguita’s killing in Atlanta, accusing protesters of traveling to the city to “wreak havoc” at demonstrations that were overwhelmingly peaceful.

“Within a few hours of the shooting, Dickens tweeted support for [an] injured state trooper and completely ignored the death at the hands of a task force which included Atlanta police officers on his watch,” wrote the groups, which include People vs. Fossil Fuels, Jewish Voice for Peace, Climate Justice Alliance, and Oil Change International. “As a growing number of Atlanta residents, national and global news outlets, and human rights and environmental organizations worldwide call for an investigation of the police narrative of Tortuguita’s death, Dickens has dismissed their concerns. He has refused to bring any scrutiny to the one-sided and unsubstantiated recounting of events. Dickens has yet to offer condolences to the slain protestor’s family.”

The groups noted that Dickens and the Atlanta City Council have the authority to terminate the land lease for Cop City in the forest and called for the mayor to do so immediately, denouncing his strong support for the Atlanta Police Foundation’s proposal.

“His championing of Cop City occurs against the backdrop of a continued investment in the gentrification of Atlanta and a continued disinvestment of affordable housing for a city identified as having the country’s highest level of wealth inequality,” said the groups. “Mayor Dickens can somehow find $90 million dollars for Cop City, one third of which will come from taxpayer money. Still, he can’t find money to keep our already overwhelmed hospitals open or to finance much-needed affordable housing.”

Ikiya Collective, a signatory of the letter, noted that the training slated to take place at Cop City “will impact organizing across the country” as police are trained to respond to popular uprisings.

“This is a national issue,” said the collective. “Climate justice and police brutality are interconnected, which is why we are joining the Stop Cop City calls to action with the frontline communities in Atlanta.”

“It is imperative that we demand an independent investigation into the police murder of Manuel ‘Tortuguita’ Paez Terán,” said Ikiya Collective. “We join calls for the termination of the lease and for Mayor Dickens’ resignation.”

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Army Corps of Engineers Schedule Massive Dredging Project Despite Public Health, Environmental Objections

Tue, 01/31/2023 - 10:03

from Center for Biological Diversity

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico— The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Puerto Rico Ports Authority announced an agreement today to proceed with dredging in San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico. The project will deepen and widen shipping channels to allow massive liquefied natural gas and long-range oil tankers to import foreign fossil fuels. A lawsuit pending in federal district court challenges the Army Corps’ dredging project.

“The Corps failed to consider the harmful impacts of the huge dredging project on already overburdened communities on the southwestern part of San Juan Bay,” said Federico Cintrón Moscoso, director of the organization El Puente-Enlace Latino de Acción Climática. “The project is a terrible waste of federal funds that could go instead to investing in distributed renewable energy like rooftop solar and storage, as recommended in multiple studies like DOE’s PR100 Year One Update Report released earlier this month.”

The project locks in Puerto Rico’s dependence on foreign oil and gas imports at a time when Puerto Rico has committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy. The Army Corps completed the project’s fast-tracked environmental assessment in 2018, shortly after hurricanes Irma and Maria caused severe disruption in electricity, communications and food and water throughout Puerto Rico. The hurricanes demonstrated the vulnerability of an energy-generation system dependent on imported fossil fuels, and the subsequent hasty decisions impaired the ability of citizens to engage in energy decisions.

“The Corps’ decision to push this dredging project forward is a huge disappointment. The agency is ignoring local opposition and the clear danger from massive oil and LNG tankers moving through the area,” said Catherine Kilduff, an attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The dredging project and the fossil fuels brought in by these tankers will pollute neighborhoods, kill corals and damage the climate.”

The pending lawsuit challenges the Army Corps’ failure to consider the impacts of the project on environmental justice communities near the petroleum terminals. These communities will suffer a disproportionate burden from air pollution.

The San Juan Bay dredging — which will occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 14 months — will remove 2.2 million cubic yards of sea floor and dump it into the ocean. The project will harm acres of seagrass that feed manatees and sea turtles, and this habitat loss will not be mitigated. The Corps also did not incorporate lessons learned from dredging off Miami between 2013 and 2015 that likely killed more than half a million corals. The lawsuit seeks to overturn the environmental review of the Puerto Rico project and send it back for revision.

In October 2022 the Puerto Rico Planning Board formally objected to the federal government’s plan to dispose of dredge waste in five ocean sites around Puerto Rico without further environmental studies. The board did not find the dredge spoil disposal plan to be sufficient for preventing harm to coral reefs, which play a role in preserving fisheries and protecting communities and infrastructure from severe storms.

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UK: Front Doors Smashed at University of Cambridge’s Chemical Engineering Department

Mon, 01/30/2023 - 14:48

from This Is Not a Drill

HIT REPORT. Over the weekend, environmental activists smashed the glass doors at the University of Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering’s main entrance. They took this action in protest of the department’s fossil fuel research, funding and lobbying. The activists also spray-painted the words “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” on the building’s main walkway in red.

In a report to climate action reporting website This Is Not a Drill, the activists gave two reasons for targeting the department. “This department was founded with money from Shell and it’s committed to keeping up its fossil fuel connections over the years – including collaboration with BP, Exxon and Schlumberger. Because of this, Chemical Engineering staff lobbied against against a recent vote to cut fossil fuel research ties at the University of Cambridge. It shows how completely corrupt they are.”

According to Fossil Free Research, partnerships such as those maintained by the Chemical Engineering department bias research outcomes. The vote referred to is the recent motion (also known as a Grace) which was blocked by the University of Cambridge’s governing body from going to a full vote after intervention from fossil fuel funded scientists, including several from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

A member of the protest group spoke about why they broke the glass: “Companies like Shell and Exxon have profited from murder and the theft of land, and the University of Cambridge doesn’t just work with them – it actively protects them. If votes and conversations won’t change that, maybe direct action will.”

The protest follows several notable climate actions reported by This Is Not a Drill in the last three months:

  • In October, the front windows were smashed at fossil fuel giant Schlumberger’s oil research centre in Cambridge, which hosts a test oil drill on University of Cambridge land.
  • In November, Cambridge’s Department of Engineering was targeted for its research collaborations with BP and Shell, as well as its doctoral training centres funded by fossil fuel companies. Protestors shattered its rock-shaped advertising screen in multiple places, which still hasn’t been fixed.
  • Most recently, at the start of this month, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies was spray-painted to highlight its sponsorship by numerous fossil fuel companies and the oil company executives on its board.
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US Bank and Wells Fargo Smashed for Tortuguita and Tyre Nichols

Mon, 01/30/2023 - 10:33

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest


In response to the murders of Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita by fascist pigs, militants from occupied Dakota/Lakota/Anishinaabe land -so called Minneapolis- attacked two banks on the south side. US Bank and Wells Fargo were chosen due to their funding of “cop city” in the Weelaunee forest.

Militants tagged bank windows with “defend the forest”, “fuck 12”, “eat shit Frey” and “rest in peace Tortuguita and Tyre Nichols”.

Our message of solidarity extends past written words to the shattered windows and broken ATMs in our wake.

We appreciate the work of the bloc tonight in Minneapolis. Drawing the attention of and keeping distracted an entire city’s pig department is no easy task in these freezing temperatures. Your bravery is radiant.

Long Live the Forest
Rest in Power Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita
Eat Shit Frey
This is only the beginning <3

Submitted anonymously over email

Categories: B4. Radical Ecology

Three More Actions in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest Defenders

Fri, 01/27/2023 - 10:19
Durham Wells Fargo Tagged

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest


Alta Vista Office Attacked in Lenapehoking

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

In the early hours of January 25th, the New York City office of Alta Vista, a subsidiary of Cop City collaborator Atlas Technical Consultants, was attacked in revenge for the killing of a beautiful queer Afro-Indigenous revolutionary some of us knew by the name Tortuguita. Alta Vista’s glass lobby doors got smashed—we hear for the second time—and messages were left in spray paint: Avenge Tort, Stop Cop City

Tortuguita should be here. It is unbearable that they are not—biking through the forest; cracking jokes about kratom; excitedly debating anarchist theory; organizing to sustain life in their communities; meeting all power and borders with unwavering hostility. We will never forget how these monsters took our friend’s precious life. We will make sure they never forget either.

May Tortuguita’s smile be the flame we carry to set this civilization on fire, and may it be the light that reminds us to love each other over the ashes.


Portland Oregon Solidarity Action With Atlanta and the Atlanta Forest Defenders from Rose City Counter-Info

“On 1/20/23 anarchists in Portland, Oregon went after the UPS shipping center in Portland in retaliation after a comrade was recently murdered by the Atlanta Police.

Anarchists broke somewhere between 10-15 large windows and started multiple small fires within the building. UPS is one of the biggest companies currently donating to the Cop City Project in Atlanta.

On 1/18/23 Atlanta police attempted a raid in the forest that was being protected by forest defenders and once they showed up they opened fire and killed a forest defender.

We want to express our love toward Tortuguita who was also known as Cami, as well as to all their comrades and loved ones.

Atlanta police stole a comrade and friend to many people from us on 1/18/23. few broken windows will never undo what the Atlanta police did but hopefully continued actions can bring the change that Cami wished for and hoped to see one day.

We call for more actions directly toward the companies that are donating to and funding the Cop City project in Atlanta. Forest defenders have a right to stay in the forest, and groups will continue to retaliate until the Cop City Project is cancelled.

Love from PDX to ATL”

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Germany: People Torch Strabag Construction Vehicle in Solidarity with Lutzerath

Thu, 01/26/2023 - 09:53

from Unoffensive Animal

Note: photo not associated with action

The Strabag construction group runs a dirty business: highway and jail construction. In addition, the company cooperates intensively with the energy company RWE on the opencast mines in the Rhenish lignite mining area, also directly near Lützerath. Now we have joined the action campaign against Strabag and continue the fight against the mining of the extremely climate-damaging lignite in a decentralized way! Lützerath is everywhere and wherever we are, our resistance can unfold in many ways!

The small hamlet of Lützerath has made it to worldwide fame after its occupation, although this place had been doomed for a long time. The fight against the eviction and the brutally enforced capital interests of RWE, Strabag and Co. was magnificent, although the destruction of the place could not be prevented. Lützerath is currently the symbol of resistance against the deadly energy policy of the government at the federal level and in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia). Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, have made it clear that something has to change fundamentally and that the state and its police do not bring justice, but rather help capital achieve its objectives in the most brutal way.

Lützerath is lost, but the battle can now be fought with renewed fires! In any place!

With our small contribution and very simple means, we see ourselves as part of an alliance with all forms of struggle of the anti-capitalist climate movement. Demonstrations, sit-ins, discussions, attacks, gluing, sabotage, lock-ons, occupations and tunnels – anything that helps in our counterattack for the good of all life!

Much love to all the injured and the prisoners.
translated by Nae Midion

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Germany: Call for Anarchist Days Leipzig

Wed, 01/25/2023 - 11:15

from Anarchist News

This is an invitation to the Anarchist Days around the first of May. Come by, participate, network and educate, join in, get involved. We look forward to seeing you!

But is there any potential at all for a livable togetherness despite all the crises in which this form of society finds itself, despite the worldwide trend towards authoritarianism? Anarchists say: yes. Because it is the existing hierarchical order in which people are exploited, subjugated and alienated. We need fundamentally different ways of living, producing, consuming, organizing, orienting, exchanging, relating and engaging with each other. Climate change, patriarchal violence, border regimes, pandemics, wars, inflation, gentrification… We don’t even know where to look first to understand the dead end this system has navigated us towards. That’s why the demand to build a radically different form of society seems to be a realistic option that interests far more people than we sometimes think.

We think anarchists do many exciting things to become capable of acting despite the imposed contradictions and to search for alternatives. By this we refer to long and global history where people have stood up to fight for their dignity. No matter how fucked up the world is right now. There are thousands of valuable experiences and reflections in anarchism that inspire and motivate us to strive for something new. We should bring them to the outside world. But to do that, we need to know our own foundations and expand and deepen our networks. This also applies to Leipzig. It is true that there are comparatively many anarchists here, whose various activities we value. But we also see potentials to bring them together for common actions and to encourage each other in this fight.

With the second Anarchist Days we want to gain awareness about ourselves again. We learn about what anarchism was and is concretely today by meeting and getting to know each other. Anarchists fight for everyone to be self-determined and self-fulfilling. With advancing digitalization, lack of time and isolation, this is becoming increasingly difficult, but all the more we will fight for the self-determination of all. Because this requires building a solidary, free, equal society, we organize ourselves. Our groups serve to empower people, educate them, support social struggles, and bring forth direct action. By doing that we also vividly demonstrate how we are already realizing our own aspirations.

The key to this is the pursuit of autonomy. Instead of social movements being appropriated and integrated into the existing framework, we are looking for forms beyond nations, parties, majority unions and so-called wellfare society. At the Anarchist Days we will connect different struggles, discuss our anarchist perspectives and develop skills, learn from each other and maybe start one or two actions. And we will do this in a self-confident, self-determined and self-organized way.

Amore Anarchia, Autonomia!

Feel free to forward this text to people and groups you think would be interested.

Mark your calendars for Anarchist Days between April 22 and the first of May 2023 – and get in touch if you want to submit contributions. We see our group as coordinating only to create a common program and framework. The Anarchist Days live from the fact that many groups and people participate. This group can only contact a few groups specifically. People and groups who want to contribute should take care of the communication, spaces and resources of their proposed contributions themselves as much as possible. We will then tie this together into a more or less cohesive program.

Write to us if you:

– want to organize your own contributions to the Anarchist Days (lecture, workshop, discussion, film…)
– want to organize or offer workshops on practical topics (screen printing, lock picking, etc.)
– you want to make a cultural and/or social contribution (bar evening, reading, concert, party, film)
– want to be part of the support group (meets in advance to take care of different tasks, e.g. shopping, bar shifts etc.)
– any other ways you can support us during the days (sleeping places, child care, awareness, Küfa, bar shifts…)
– …

Contact us: (key for encryption on demand)

We want to connect different realities of life and points of view instead of getting lost in a scene bubble. We are aware that we ourselves are part of a hierarchical, patriarchal class society formed by supression. For us, emancipation means seeing ourselves in a process in which we reflect on relations of hierarchies and change our ways of thinking and behaving. For this, people have different starting conditions and possibilities, from which, however, they should develop further. In this context, we consider a respectful, appreciative and solidary interaction with each other to be necessary.

It is important for the contributions that a reference to anarchist perspectives and approaches is visible. When selecting the contributions, we pay attention to intersectionality (= intersections of different forms of supression) and want to represent a plurality in anarchism. Furthermore, we do not only want to convey certain contents, but above all have space to discuss what we can do with them.

Further information will follow (A)

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More Actions in Memory of Tortuguita

Tue, 01/24/2023 - 09:52
Atlas Offices Redecorated in Novi

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

From so-called Novi, MI:

On the Night of Rage (January 20) the Detroit MI Atlas offices were artfully decorated with acid-etching paint. Hope you had fun discovering that your windows are totally fucked, you shitheads. Atlas, until you stop supporting Cop City, there will be no safe corner for you on Turtle Island.

We did this in Tortuguita’s name. We love you, friend, and will never stop fighting. Love and rage to all those fighting in Atlanta.

-Your friends up north


KPMG Office Vandalized in Boulder

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

Over the weekend, forest defenders vandalized the Boulder, Colorado office of KPMG, one of the financiers of the destruction of the Atlanta forest. Messages of “Stop Cop City” “Viva Tort” and “KPMG: Divest From Cop City” were left on the office windows in self-etching paint. A nearby UPS box was also hit.

¡Viva Tortuguita!

Submitted anonymously via email


Tucson Group Mourns Protester Killed By Police In The Atlanta Forest

from It’s Going Down

On Saturday, a group of about 20 people gathered at the Bank of America building on East Broadway Boulevard in Tucson to express their grief and rage at the death of Manuel Teran, also known as Tortuguita, in the fight to defend the Atlanta Forest.

“This is the first action of the newly founded Tucson Chapter of the Weelaunee Defense Society,” said Ricky Flowers, a spokesperson for the group. “Across the country, those concerned about climate change, deforestation, and the expansion of police power in our communities are forming chapters of this organization to express their solidarity with the movement in Atlanta and around the world.”

The group convened around mid-day on Saturday at the northwest corner of Reid Park. From there, a short march brought them to the East Broadway Boulevard branch of Bank of America. Amidst chants of “Stop Cop City,” flyers were distributed contextualizing the recent murder of Tortuguita, the movement to defend the Atlanta Forest and its conflictual relationship against the police. Posters memorializing the murdered protester were additionally hung from the windows of the bank.

Meanwhile, a small group of protesters broke from the main group and, following a quick scramble up a ladder onto the branch’s roof, a banner was hung. It read: “B-of-A Funds ATL’s Murderous Cops / Stop Cop City.”

Bank of America is just one out of a number of major national funders donating to the Cop City project.

“Police in Atlanta think that they can stop the movement by charging protesters as domestic terrorists and now executing protesters in the woods,” said Flowers. “We’re here to tell them that the movement is spreading across the country. Wanting to stop the planet from burning is not terrorism.”

The Tucson chapter of the Weelaunee Defense Society expressed their intention to continue with similar actions in the coming weeks. “This is not a local struggle,” Flowers remarked. “If the Cop City project is built, it would be used to train police from across the country, expanding the overall infrastructure of repression nationally. This is a struggle that extends well beyond just one part of Atlanta–it affects us all.”

They noted that although Cop City is tied to a specific Atlanta neighborhood, it is tied to a nationwide infrastructure. “Cop City is everywhere; it can be attacked anywhere.” With this, the group stated that it will grow and expand its pressure campaign against local donors and supporters of Atlanta’s Cop City project. They say that they will keep fighting the project until it is completely stopped — in defense of the forest, in defense of the Earth, and in the memory and honor of Tortuguita.

Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran was born April 23, 1996. On Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, they were killed by police during a raid of the Weelaunee Forest. Those that knew and loved them describe them as a dear friend, a loving partner, and a proud, fierce anarchist. At the time of their death, Tortuguita spent their time between Atlanta and Florida. In the former, they were focused on defending the forest and coordinating mutual aid; in the latter, they focused on building low-income housing in communities hit hardest by the hurricane. In each account of their life, they are described as a kind, passionate, and deeply caring person who will be dearly missed.

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Germany: Fire to Green Capitalism – Solidarity with A Cospito

Mon, 01/23/2023 - 09:52

from Anarchist News

Translation of article from Kontrapolis

In the night from Thursday (the 19.01.) to Friday an electric car charging station at the Engelbecken in Berlin Kreuzberg was set on fire. It happened in a night full of international actions to show solidarity with our comrade Alfredo Cospito. It is reported that he will soon be force-fed, against which he clearly and forcefully opposes. In a letter to his lawyer he writes:
“[…] Life is meaningless in this grave for the living.”

This act is also an act against green capitalism, which is sold as a holy solution to today’s capitalism. This is, of course, nonsense and continues to reinforce mechanisms of oppression that are already inherent in the system today. Among these can be named colonialism, from which many countries in the global South suffer because capitalist companies from the global North plunder the resources there. Because, in order to satiate the rush for an electric mobility, tons of rare earth, minerals and raw materials have to be extracted and thus countless human lives are stolen, families torn apart, communities ruined, ecosystems destroyed. We would like to share with you a detailed article about the connection between capitalism and colonialism with the following link:

Furthermore, consequences of destructive capitalism, to a lesser extent, are also felt near us. We think of, the people who have defended Lützerath to the end and welcome those who have resisted with all means. But after the eviction is unfortunately still before the eviction, so we send out a lot of strength to all other (forest) occupations (Heibo, Fecher, etc.).

These charging stations are often used to charge electric SUVs or car sharing cars, for those who can afford something other than public transport. This sends electricity into inefficient individual transportation options and money into the pockets of private companies. Even more money is wasted in this, as the Berlin Senate is supporting the “implementation of the electrification of commercial motor vehicle fleets in the capital” through the WELMO funding program. At a time when more and more people are having trouble paying their (electricity) bills… we don’t need to explain further.

This one action remains symbolic in itself. One column among hundreds that exist in Berlin is not much. But this night we have seen that these stations are relatively easy targets for direct actions and are difficult to delete. Thereby you need once good strength and a DNA-free tool to crack the door, and a flammable package that can be placed inside.

We also want to call for the days of action in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito!

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Multiple Actions in Memory of Tortuguita

Sun, 01/22/2023 - 10:44
Bank Backing ‘Cop City’ Targeted As Hundreds Take To Streets Of Atlanta Following Police Killing

from It’s Going Down

On January 21st, about 400 people gathered in Underground Atlanta, where people shared their love and memories of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, also known as Tortuguita, and called for justice in the wake of their death at the hands of the police.

Video: On Jan. 21, 100s of protestors gathered in downtown Atlanta to remember Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, who was killed by police on Jan. 18.

Teran died in a tree-sit to stop ‘Cop City’, a proposed police training center project slated to demolish Atlanta’s largest forest.

— UNICORN RIOT  (@UR_Ninja) January 22, 2023


After 30 minutes, the crowd took off. About 3/4 of the crowd were in black bloc. Activists from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) attempted to lead the group south, perhaps towards the atate Capitol building or the CNN center, but bloc members turned the crowd around and led them north. The sun was just starting to set as the bloc, about 300 strong, turned north up Peachtree street. The commercial downtown district, gutted out by years of neoliberal policy, is populated almost exclusively by business people, university students, and unhoused people.

The bloc traveled north, as road flares and fireworks marked their progress. Umbrellas blocked local news video cameras as graffiti sprung up on walls, with phrases like “RIP Little Turtle” and “Stop Cop City.” The crowd chanted, “No justice! No Peace!,” and “Be Like Water,” as they moved along at a brisk pace, flanked by reporters. Bank windows were smashed and umbrellas blocked cameras, with a Wells Fargo branch, a funder of Cop City, receiving special attention.

Soon, the raucous crowed arrived at 191 Peachtree Street, the building housing the Atlanta Police Foundation. Rocks flew, smashing into the front of the building, as marchers smashed out even more windows. Fireworks lit the scene up. A cop car left unattended in the area was smashed, while another caught fire.

As the police pulled up, the crowd dispersed. Some individuals were tackled and violently arrested by the police, with Unicorn Riot later reporting that one person may have been run over by a police car. As the crowd dissipated, more police flooded the mile-long stretch of Peachtree Street the group had marched up.

In a later press conference, police, who have been violently attacking Cop City opponents for months in an effort to destroy an entire forest, claimed that property destruction was “terrorism.”

Local activists are encouraging people to donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund to help support those arrested by law enforcement.

Vengeance from Oakland – ¡Viva Tortuguita!

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

On the night of January 20th 2023, 30 mournful anarchists took vengeful action against our enemies for the murder of Cami/Tortuguita in the Atlanta Forest two days prior. We shattered dozens of windows along the glass facade of a Bank of America building in downtown Oakland, destroyed the ATM’s, and repainted the walls with people’s messages of love, memory, solidarity, and rage at the assassination of our comrade before lighting the place up with molotov cocktails.

Bank of America is an enemy of the people and life itself. They currently fund the construction of cop city in Atlanta, the same project that threatens the forest that Tortuguita died defending. They deserve no place in our landscape. We destroyed quickly but tirelessly. Like the peasants in the Jacquerie, the Luddite wreckers, or the Haitian revolutionaries, we seek liberation in the most obvious way: the destruction of what we know is the cause of our suffering. And if we destroy much, it is because we have suffered much. “Vengeance! Vengeance!” is our war-cry.

To our enemies who seek to liquidate our lives and the earth: you will not murder us with impunity! We will strike back, each time more fiercely than before. The more you take from us, the more we have to fight for—the less we have to lose.

To our fallen comrades: your deaths will never be in vain! We will avenge you one thousand times over! Your blood is our blood. Your lives light the path of our struggle, and this is only the beginning.

We support Tortuguita whether they shot at the pigs or not. A shot fired at police is an act of liberation.









Chicago Abolitionists Shut Down Bank of America ATM by Gluing Access Points

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

Friday night, January 20th, Chicago abolitionists in solidarity with the movement to Stop Cop City and Defend the Atlanta Forest glued shut the card reader and keyhole at a Bank of America ATM and “Virtual Banking” facility in Chicago’s affluent Lincoln Park neighborhood (2428 N Lincoln Ave). They also left messages, including STOP COP CITY, DEFEND THE ATLANTA FOREST, and ACAB on the ATM windows and door. The incident was in response to the murder of a forest defender by police in Atlanta on January 18th, 2023.

Bank of America is a top funder of police foundations across the US, in particular the Atlanta Police Foundation, which is funding the destruction of Weelaunee Forest in “Atlanta” to build “Cop City.” The intended facility would be a militarized police training compound, including a mock city for cops to practice urban warfare on Atlanta’s residents, particularly the Black and Brown and poor communities adjacent to the forest. In 2020, BOA gave at least $50,000 to the foundation; tax data from 2021-22 is not yet available.

Bank of America also bankrolls the Chicago Police Foundation, with BoA Senior Vice President Patricia Provenzano sitting on its board.

On January 18th, police in Atlanta murdered a forest defender, Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, as they attempted to force people out of the forest to allow the destruction to proceed. This violence is further proof that police only serve and protect the interests of the wealthy and powerful – bankers and capitalists who will happily have people murdered and ecosystems destroyed to continue hoarding wealth.

From @defendtheatlantaforest @stopcopcity on Instagram, friends said: “Tortuguita was a kind, passionate, loving person cherished by their community. They spent their time between Atlanta, defending the forests from destruction and coordinating mutual aid, and Florida where they helped build housing in low income communities hit hardest by the hurricane. They were a medic, a loving partner, a dear friend, a brave soul, and so much more.”

Chicago activists echo the calls of Atlanta forest defenders to immediately stop the attacks on the forest and abandon plans to build Cop City.


Graffiti in Solidarity with Atlanta and in Memory of Tortuguita in South NJ

from Jersey Counter-Info

Graffiti placed in the Pinelands of NJ in solidarity with the struggle to Stop Cop City and to Defend the Atlanta Forest and in memory of Tortuguita who was murdered by police while defending the Atlanta Forest.

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Seattle, WA: Mourners Arrested At Vigil For Tortuguita

Sat, 01/21/2023 - 10:07

from It’s Going Down

Report on Seattle vigil in solidarity with Tortuguita and the struggle against Cop City in Atlanta. 

Around 50 folks showed up for a somber and angry candlelight vigil at Cal Anderson park in so-called Seattle. We gathered to remember Tortuguita, murdered by Atlanta PD for defending the forest against Cop City.

People expressed their rage and sadness over this and countless other police murders. We danced, cried, spoke out and held space together. A flag was burned and some of the park tagged with ACAB messaging. Some folks brought materials to make banners. After the vigil these were dropped around the city.

As things were winding down, some people were spreading art around the park. Around five or six people were still at the vigil site hanging out, packing up, and enjoying ACAB tunes. Suddenly 15-20 cops rushed in and arrested a couple comrades.

The rest of the folks around the park returned to yell at the cops and watch where their friends were taken for jail support, but were unfortunately unable to stop the pigs from kidnapping folks for memorializing pig murders in another city.

All Cops Are Bastards
From SEA to ATL
Stop Cop City

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Mexico: Missing Environmentalists’ Families Accuse Mining Company

Fri, 01/20/2023 - 12:52

from The Guardian

Antonio Díaz Valencia and Ricardo Lagunes. The mining company Ternium Mexico has denied any involvement in their disappearance

Relatives of two missing Mexican environmentalists are pointing the finger at a transnational mining company which they claim is responsible for environmental destruction and violence in the rural community, and may have links to the criminals who abducted their loved ones.

Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca, a renowned human rights lawyer, and Antonio Díaz Valencia, leader of the Aquila Indigenous community in the state of Michoacán, were last seen on Sunday evening after attending an anti-mining community meeting.

According to witnesses, the two activists were threatened and followed by several men in cars and motorbikes after they left the meeting in Aquila and headed towards the neighbouring state of Colima. Lagunes, 41, and Díaz, 71, were travelling in a white Honda pickup truck that was later found abandoned on the side of a highway riddled with bullets but no blood.

“The hitmen were waiting for the right moment. They had threatened the teacher [Díaz] and the lawyer [Lagunes] in the past, and told us that there were five of us on their list. The hitmen were there watching on Sunday, they followed them on motorcycles and in cars and took them away,” said Miguel Jiménez a community member, whose name has been changed to protect him from reprisals.

At a press conference on Thursday, the sister of the missing lawyer, said: “We want to emphasise the possible responsibility of the mining company Ternium in ensuring that my brother Ricardo Lagunes and Professor Antonio Díaz reappear alive.

“The company is one of the most powerful actors in the region, and its operations have not only affected the environment but also the social fabric, generating conflicts and violence. The company has relations with different local groups and possibly with the perpetrators of this disappearance. We call for a full investigation, and for the company to support us to find my brother and Antonio alive,” said Lucía Lagunes Gasca.

“We believe that the company could be involved, and that’s why we are asking for the company to come clean; if they don’t have anything to hide they should say so,” said María de Jesús Lagunes, the missing lawyer’s aunt.

Lagunes, a renowned Indigenous and land rights defender, is representing the Aquila community in its fight for compensation from the company, whose mines are alleged to have generated a environmental, health and social harms, as well as community divisions and violence.

Last week, three community members – who were part of a self-defence force trying to protect their territory from criminal groups and land grabs – were murdered by members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), one of Mexico’s most powerful and violent criminal groups. Two others managed to escape.

Violence along the Colima-Michoacán border in northern Mexico has triggered mass displacements and forced immigration as the CJNG has waged war against the Knights Templar cartel in order to gain control of various illicit and legal industries including mining, avocados and bananas.

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for environmental and land rights defenders, where criminal groups and corrupt officials threaten and attack communities with almost total impunity. In 2021, 54 land rights defenders were murdered and 19 others disappeared, according to Global Witness, the international watchdog that tracks violences linked to extractive projects.

In recent years, the CJNG has made a foray into illegal mining, perpetrating “violence against Indigenous communities with complete impunity and without an adequate response from the Mexican state”, said Global Witness.

Lagunes had previously been awarded protective measures on numerous occasions by the Mexican government and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in response to death threats linked to high-profile land rights cases.

Amid growing fear about the men’s safety – and anger about the states’ lacklustre response – relatives, colleagues and other supporters in Mexico City have set up a protest camp in front of the national palace demanding that authorities act.

The situation is complex, and the community is divided. On one hand, the anti-mining community groups are demanding that Ternium Mexico, fulfils the financial, social and infrastructure promises made in 2012. They are also trying to stop a new mining project for iron ore and other metals, which they claim has not been authorised.

On the other hand, other community members are allegedly aligned with the company and/or criminal gangs, according to local reports.

In the past decade, 38 local environmental and land rights defenders have been killed, another six have disappeared, according to the National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations “All Rights for Everybody”. None of the crimes have been successfully prosecuted.

Despite the conflicts and violence, anti-mining community activists have vowed to continue their struggle amid a surge in childhood diseases, water shortages, land erosion and deforestation. Jiménez said: “We are scared in this struggle, with fear that at any time another of us could be next. We need the government to get our colleagues back, otherwise the community groups will have to act.”

Ternium Mexico is the local subsidiary of the Luxembourg-based steel group Ternium, which is part of the Italian-Argentinian group Techinta.

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Atlanta Police Murder Forest Defender

Thu, 01/19/2023 - 13:09

from various sources

Despite a severe lack of mainstream media coverage, word has been spreading around social media and activist circles about the police murder of an Atlanta Forest Defender, 26-year-old Tortuguita. Much of the coverage this brutally heart-breaking act has received has been based solely on police press releases. While the whole truth isn’t yet known (and may never be), here are some facts:

Tortuguita was a queer afro-venezuelan youthful forest defender and resident of Atlanta, described by friends and loved ones as kind, welcoming, hard working, principled, and brave. They were an artist, an urban farmer, a medic, and an activist. A bunch of their artwork can be found on their Linktree

Tortuguita looking out from Stone Mountain

They had been part of the effort to defend the Atlanta Forest since the beginning, and many protesters remember Tortguita as the person who welcomed them to camp, making sure everyone felt included. Tortuguita was a founding member of Brown Cat Mutual Aid, a community care group run by Black and brown organizers, as well as a street medic, always ready to support and care for their fellow forest defenders. Tortuguita’s words, inviting people to defend the Atlanta Forest: “Billionaires are causing mass extinction and can only be stopped by collective action. Cop City can and must be stopped, but we need more help. We need people on the frontlines, and robust supply networks. We need to love and support each other, as Assata said.” Tortuguita also created a fundraiser for BIPOC folks to be able to be a part of the movement. That fundraiser is still up and running, and all funds go to on the ground needs with no barriers. It can be found here.
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Germany: Sabotage Arson Attack Against RWE Coal Train in Cologne

Thu, 01/19/2023 - 10:48

from Abolition Media

Note: photo not associated with action.

In the night of 12.01.2023 we set out in deep solidarity with our friends in the Zad Lützerath to sabotage the coal railroad in the Cologne city forest.

With two strategically placed incendiary devices we hope to have stopped the delivery of the coal at least for a small moment.

RWE deserves nothing but our deepest hatred!

Even if the cops occupy the whole Rhineland they can’t watch us everywhere.

The night belongs to us!

Our action is part of a militant campaign for the preservation of the autonomous zone and against the global climate destruction.

Fossil energy production and its exploitation of the planet must be stopped at all costs.

We greet all those who oppose climate destruction and oppression throughout Germany and the world.

Freedom for all!

For a militant climate movement!

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International Call to Action in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

Wed, 01/18/2023 - 05:28

from Anarchist News

We extend the call for an international campaign in solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cospito during the week of January 22-28. More than 80 days after the beginning of his hunger strike against the 41 bis regime, it is urgent for us to deepen and multiply the gestures of internationalist solidarity and to deploy all our forces against all expressions of domination. We hope that this initiative can be translated and disseminated to all anti-authoritarian comrades throughout the world. We also hope that this campaign will go beyond the walls that isolate comrade Alfredo and that he will feel all our solidarity and complicity in war. LET’S NOT LEAVE ALFREDO ALONE!


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Earth First! UK Winter Moot Dates Announced

Tue, 01/17/2023 - 11:29

from Earth First! UK

You are warmly invited to join us at the 2023 Earth First! winter moot!

What on (middle) earth is a moot?!? The moot is a chance to get together during the cold winter months to warm our hearts and put fire in our bellies. It’s a time to reflect on what’s going on in the radical ecological movement and make plans for the year ahead. There will be workshops, tasty vegan food, some music and dancing, and very likely shit homebrew cider 

For new comers and old timers alike, it’s a space for anyone committed to taking action to defend nature. Join us!

The moot will take place in Manchester from 10-12 February. Everyone welcome from 4pm (get in touch if you want to come earlier to help set up), workshops start at 5pm. The last workshop will end at 5pm on Sunday. The workshop venue will be inside, heated. Workshops will cover everything from abolitionism, green anarchy, coal and much more!

The exact location (in Manchester) will be announced that morning. It will be fuuuuuuun!

We will have a kids space and a vegan kitchen. Questions? Email us at earthfirstuk[at]

Bring your friends (can you fill up a mini bus?), and come up for a weekend of joy and green anarchy!

To protect each other, and especially those more vulnerable, please do a Covid test before coming up to Manchester. We will have some at the welcome desk too.

Love and rage!

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Savannah, GA: Supporters Rally At Brasfield & Gorrie Site To Stop Cop City

Mon, 01/16/2023 - 12:16

from It’s Going Down

Report back on solidarity rally with the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest in Savannah, Georgia.

Following the raids of the Weelaunee Forest and arrest of six forest defenders in mid-December, supporters of the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest called for a Weekend of Solidarity with the movement from January 13th-16th.

In response, we held a rally outside a Brasfield & Gorrie construction site in Savannah, GA to demand that B&G drop the Cop City contract in Atlanta. More than 30 people came to the rally. While some people had previously heard about the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest, others learned about it for the first time on social media, at a local punk show, or when they were handed flyers at the farmer’s market earlier the same day.

Protestors chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Brasfield & Gorrie has gotta go!” and “What do we do when the forest is under attack? What do we do? Stand up, fight back!” Our chants and large banners interrupted a historical tour of Wright Square and drew the attention of passerby, both tourists and Savannah residents.

Passersby joined the rally to hear speakers situate the proposed Cop City facility as a reaction to the George Floyd uprising and rebellion in Atlanta after an APD officer murdered Rayshard Brooks in 2020. Speakers described how Cop City would be an extension of forms of environmental racism that have plagued the region since the genocidal colonization of Muscogee ancestral lands and the establishment of the Georgia Colony in Savannah.

Though the police, prosecutors, and some journalists have tried to claim that solidarity and direct action from residents outside of Atlanta is “domestic terrorism,” one speaker stated that “the funders, contractors, and violent police tactics backing Cop City have ties across the nation and the world. Our solidarity must, too.”


In addition to sending a clear message to Brasfield & Gorrie, our rally for the Weekend of Solidarity created a space in which we could spread the word about the movement, meet other people who share our desire to fight for the kind of world we want to live in, and begin to scheme ways to build and expand collective power right here in Savannah.

To get involved with events in solidarity with the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement in Savannah, email You can also follow @SavTheForest on Twitter.

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Logging Trucks Destroyed in Ozarks

Mon, 01/16/2023 - 09:59

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

Happy New Year to the crew of the 4 tree-killing machines in Ozark. For days the noise was the only goddamn thing you could hear in the forest. We emerged from our nests and holes and severed the infernal racket with tooth and claw. We found all machines unlocked with keys still in their ignitions!

We chewed through wires and cables, filled fuel tanks with sand and soil, drained the machines dry, and restored the forest to perfect winter silence. It was a beautiful night, just right for stargazing (and sabotage :))

In solidarity with the Atlanta Forest (STOP COP CITY!!!) and forests under siege everywhere. You woke us up and there’s more to come!

– Pissed-off locals

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