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Contact DRBC for a Complete Ban on Fracking!

Thu, 12/01/2022 - 10:22
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Alert! Please tell the DRBC before their December 7 meeting: Vote for a COMPLETE ban on fracking! That means NO Importation of Frack Wastewater and NO Exportation of Water from the Delaware River Watershed for Fracking!

Urgent action needed to tell the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) we need a FULL FRACK BAN to protect the water supply for up to 17 million people and protect the entire beautiful Delaware River Watershed and its communities now and for generations to come.

Please take a minute to contact the DRBC Commissioners TODAY- the Governors of NY, NJ, PA, and DE, and Pres. Biden’s federal representative the Army Corps of Engineers - the voting members who will decide the fate of our watershed.

Suggestions for what to tell them:

  • Please finish the job you began when you made history by banning fracking throughout the watershed last year by also banning the import of fracking wastewater into the Watershed and the export of water from the watershed for fracking anywhere.
  • I ask that you vote to revise the proposed regulations to institute a FULL BAN to provide the protection we need from toxic and radioactive wastewater and depletion of precious watershed water – fully ban frack wastewater imports and exports of our water to fuel fracking.
  • Please do your part to prevent methane emissions that are driving the climate crisis by voting not to enable more fracking. Don’t worsen the climate crisis by serving the industry’s needs!

When the draft wastewater/water rules were proposed in 2021, tens of thousands of you weighed in during public comment for a FULL frack ban but no action was taken since. Now DRBC posted a resolution in their agenda for their Dec. 7 public meeting to amend the regulations. We do not know what it says. We want to take this last chance to make a loud and clear statement: Revise the proposed fracking regulations to ban the import of wastewater produced by fracking and ban the export of water from our watershed that would fuel fracking in other watersheds!

Please send a fax to your Governor for a FULL FRACK BAN and take the message to social media (PLEASE SHARE – find suggestions for click to tweets @DRBC1961 to the DRBC Commissioners at Facebook Event here:

It's quick, easy and free to fax your message to your governor from your computer using FaxZero ( and the following steps.

  1. Beneath the logo in the center of the page, you'll see links to fax elected officials.
  2. Click on Governor and scroll down to your state. Click on the link next to your Governor's name.
  3. On the next screen, you'll see that all you need to add is your contact information and a message.
  4. The window is technically the cover page, but it can be used to send short messages.
  5. If you have more to say, you can attach a document up to three pages in length.

The Army Corps of Engineers represents Pres. Biden on DRBC; we want him to hear us as well. However, they have no working fax. Please send an email to this address: with this suggested message:

Dear Colonel John P. Lloyd, I am writing to you in your capacity as the Federal Representative serving on the Delaware River Basin Commission.

Thank you for your important work protecting the Delaware River Watershed representing President Biden and the federal agencies that comprise the caucus.

I am asking you to vote at the December 7 DRBC meeting to revise the proposed regulations to ban the importation of wastewater produced by fracking into the Watershed and exportation of water for fracking from the Delaware River Basin.

I am asking you to do this to finish the job began by DRBC when they made history by banning fracking throughout the watershed last year.

By revising and adopting the proposed regulations to institute a FULL BAN you and your fellow Commissioners will provide the protection we need from toxic and radioactive wastewater and from the depletion of precious watershed water.

It will also ensure that DRBC doesn’t help fuel fracking elsewhere since it is imperative that DRBC do its part to prevent methane emissions that are driving the climate crisis.

Please do not accept the import of the fracking industry’s wastewater into our Watershed and don’t grant them our precious water to waste on fracking, which ruins the environment, harms peoples’ health and enables more fracking that spews more greenhouse gas emissions. You, representing the federal government, know that our nation has committed to reduce greenhouse gasses drastically by 2030 in a global effort with our partner nations and all of our agencies must do their part to meet those national goals.

Want to witness history on Dec. 7? Join us at the meeting - there will be no public comment opportunity before they vote but after the meeting there is a public comment session where we can either applaud them or boo them after they vote, depending on what action they take. Register to attend and/or speak ASAP (deadline is 5pm 12/6, speaking slot is about 2 minutes) at DRBC: For tips and talking points regarding the public comment session and more details, see our Facebook Event:

Your voice matters, please send a fax to the Governors, an email to the federal rep., share on social media to widen our call! All details on our Facebook Event: DRBC, NO frack wastewater imported into our watershed and NO exporting our Delaware River watershed water for fracking anywhere!

Thank you, watershed communities, for taking action!

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Demand an Environmental Impact Statement for Camp FIMFO

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 12:03
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STOP PA Legislation HB2458 – Say NO to Fracked Gas Exports!

Mon, 10/24/2022 - 11:03
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Please Join Us: STOP PA Legislation HB2458 – Say NO to Fracked Gas Exports!

Call your legislator to vote NO on proposed “Philadelphia LNG Export Task Force Act”!

Find your legislator here and call today!

State Senators fronting for the fracking industry want more wells drilled in the Marcellus Shale, trying to manufacture a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export market using the Delaware River Ports. They are trying to induce a new fracking frenzy across Pennsylvania without regard for the environmental and public health harm that will result in shale regions and the Delaware River Watershed and ignoring the impact more methane emissions will have on the climate crisis.

And their claims that exporting LNG will help Europeans replace Russian gas are exposed as false since those needs are already being fulfilled by other sources and Europe’s rapid development of self-sufficient, renewable sources of energy that don’t continue their dependence on imported fuels and that don’t worsen global warming is rapidly rising.

HB2458 was approved by Committee last week and will be going to the Senate floor for approval. It has already passed the House. NOW is the moment to speak up to STOP this terrible bill!

Find your legislator here and call today!

See the text of HB2458 here:

Please call your Senator NOW and say:

  • Philadelphia is the most densely populated city in Pennsylvania with 1,546,920 people; the Greater Philadelphia Region, Chester and other southeast Pennsylvania communities within the Delaware River Port Region are among the top ten in density. LNG facilities, according to the federal government’s guidance, are supposed to be located in “remote” locations due to the dangers associated with the unique properties of LNG, which is highly flammable and potentially explosive, and can cause catastrophic loss of life and infrastructure damage. The Delaware River Ports are NOT remote, many millions live here!
  • Many who live in the Delaware River Port Region are already disproportionately burdened with environmental, public health, and intolerable impacts that are harming people of color and low-income populations. To layer on more environmental threats is not only wrong, it violates the basic rights of Pennsylvanians to clean air, water and healthy communities.
  • The need for alternative energy sources to Russian gas in Europe is not going to be filled by Pennsylvania. The Europeans are already working on self-sufficient sources of energy that do not continue to make them dependent on imported fuels. The European Energy Plan calls for clean, renewable energy that is secure, affordable, sustainable and under their control. We should be helping them to do that, not trying to assist companies to sell them more dirty gas at prices that are a windfall for fracking interests but a rip-off for needy Europeans. The current war in Ukraine is not a business opportunity to be exploited by industry; to do so is disgraceful!
  • In Europe and across the world, fossil fuel development is being replaced by jobs and investments in truly clean, renewable and innovative technology that does not emit greenhouse gases and does not have the heavy environmental, climate, and public health burdens that fracking, LNG, and its infrastructure entail. To waste Pennsylvanians’ hard earned taxes on a misdirected task force that aims to throw money at the outdated fracking industry is irresponsible and blind to the what we really need – investment in clean renewables.




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