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Join the IWW Environmental Unionism Caucus

The IWW Environmental Unionist Caucus is a caucus within the IWW and must honor the IWW Constitution as well as the provisions within the following living and working document:

(1) Any dues paying IWW member may join the EUC. There are no additional dues or mandatory assessments for joining it. If you are not a IWW member you may join here.

(2) If you are a dues paying IWW member, contact euc [at] and declare your interest, give your name, membership number, and contact information.

(3)You will be:

  • invited to join the internal email list ( )
  • invited to join the external email list ( )
  • invited to join the EUC Facebook Fan Page - link
  • invited to follow the EUC Twitter Feed- link
  • invited to join the EUC Facebook Group - link
  • Invited to join in our monthly conference calls (the fourth Monday of each month, except December, at 5 PM Pacific Time / 8 PM Eastern Time; email us at euc [at] for details).
  • asked if you'd like to be listed as a local contact on or referred to a local contact if one already exists.
  • allowed to participate in the members only forum on

(4) Before you are listed as a local contact, you must attend a meeting of the nearest chartered IWW branch (if feasible) and inform them of your desire to be listed thusly. That IWW branch must agree to vouch for you before being approved as an EUC contact.

(5) Each EUC is autonomous for setting internal policy, structure, etc so long as their structure conforms to horizontalist democratic structures and principles. Policy and structure for the EUC as a whole will be decided through a monthly communication amongst all locals.

(6) The EUC is a caucus, and therefore can only make internal policy decisions; all other decisions and endorsements must be made by chartered IWW bodies or the membership in general;

(7) EUC members must accountable to their nearest IWW branch and the union as a whole;

(8) Allying Non-IWW members are welcome to EUC meetings. Non-members have voice but can't vote.

(9) Each EUC local should have at least three members

(10)  The EUC focuses on the following (but is not limited to these actions):

  • Proactively strategizing the "live in harmony with the Earth" provision of the Preamble to the IWW Constitution;
  • Harvesting and sharing news where the issues of class struggle and ecology overlap and intersect from various sources;
  • Establishing dialog and organizing with environmental and labor organizations on intersecting issues;
  • Facilitating Solidarity between grassroots environmental organizations and “rank and file” workers;
  • Establishing a constructive (not dogmatic or sectarian) anti-capitalist critique of mainstream environmentalism;
  • Establishing a constructive (not dogmatic or sectarian) class-struggle and ecological critique of business unionism;
  • Strategizing how to organize workers in resource extraction industries with a high impacts on the environment;
  • Strategizing how to organize workers in renewable energy industries;
  • Developing a revolutionary Just Transition framework (and pushing the revolutionary envelope of existing mainstream "Just Transition" frameworks) to address the members of the working class who may be adversely affected by decarbonization, deindustrialization, and/or other transformations of collective human activity necessary to live in harmony with the Earth;
  • Establishing a constructive anti-capitalist critique of so-called "green" capitalism, including the fast budding renewable energy sector;
  • Participating in ecological struggles and offering a class struggle perspective;
  • Raising awareness of class struggle environmental issues;
  • Supporting "Just Recovery" and "Disaster Collectivism" (an anti-capitalist response to Disaster Capitalism) efforts, such as those organized by groups like Mutual Aid Disaster Relief;
  • Anti-fascism, including anti-eco-fascism;
  • Abolishing prison slavery;
  • Seeking organizing leads, such as rank and file workers in contact with environmental organizations, or situations where environmental groups are in dispute with the capitalist employers of rank and file workers; and
  • Assisting in the mediation and conflict resolution of opposing environmentalists and rank and file labor.

(11) If you are an IWW member, you may also request a user account on this site, but please note: your user account name must be your IWW membership number. To request an account, email euc [at] .

Please Note: This is not related to joining the IWW. If you are not an IWW member and would like to become one, please go to the main IWW site and join there.