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ZAD Martyr, Rémi Fraisse, Died After Being Hit by a Grenade, Autopsy Finds

Staff Report - Earth First! Newswire, October 28, 2014

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Yes, Rémi was only 21 and had a long life ahead of him.

Yes, Rémi was shot in the back with a grenade, just like Carlo Giuliani was shot in the back during the 2001 anti-G8 protests in Genoa, an event that led to unfettered rioting.

Yes, Rémi was fighting for a noble cause; the protection of the land that he loved from total destruction, and the defense of all creatures from the onslaught of climate change.

With all due respect to Rémi Fraisse’s family and friends, let’s take a moment to mourn, while sharpening our rage and tears about the incidents that led to the death of ZADist Rémi Fraisse into a concentrated analysis for the time being.

We can begin by assessing perhaps the best article about the events that have transpired, by reporting with The Guardian:

She begins:

French Socialist government leaders and Green deputies are at odds after the death of a protester during clashes with paramilitary police at the site of a controversial dam project in south-west France.

Rémi Fraisse, a 21-year-old student, died instantly on Saturday night after being hit in the back by a grenade, according to the results of an autopsy. However, the conclusions of further analyses, which should indicate whether the weapon was fired by gendarmes or by protesters, are not expected until later on Tuesday.

Two issues here: firstly, a kid was shot in the back by a grenade. Were the protestors running around with grenade launchers? That is the implication of the authorities. What craven nonsense, to create the doubt in the mind of the people that it could have been anyone but the police! And what do we have from political officials? Of course, nothing more than the usual squabbling over semantics. It gets worse:

Protesters opposed to the Sivens dam project in the Tarn region say it will destroy a reservoir of biodiversity and will benefit only a small number of farmers. Those promoting the project say the dam is in the public interest as it will ensure irrigation and the development of high-value crops.

Breaking a two-day official silence since the weekend violence, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, on Tuesday condemned Green party deputies who had accused the security forces of responsibility for Fraisse’s death before knowing the investigation results.

In veiled remarks targeting Green deputies, who have been vociferous in their criticism of the police action since Sunday, he denounced their “shameless politicisation” of the weekend events.

How disgusting can they possibly get? A young person was shot down by police in the height of political struggle, and the authorities are calling the protests of the Green Party “politicization.” At least be sincere; this is political struggle. Rémi Fraisse is a martyr who was cut down in his prime while defending the Earth. Of course the politicians will try to deflect attention, but these are the cold, hard facts.

President François Hollande announced on Tuesday that he had phoned Fraisse’s father – who said on Monday that he would press murder charges – to express his condolences and “solidarity”.

Hollande the imperialist invader of Mali whose domestic policies have embraced austerity has declared his “solidarity” with the father of a slain protestor. One might as well have the “solidarity” of a Koch Brother. Penketh continues:

The former housing minister, Cécile Duflot, gave a radio interview early on Tuesday in which the Green deputy called Fraisse’s death “an indelible stain” on the government’s record. She condemned the fact that two days after the incidents “not a single member of the government” had offered condolences to the family.

Her comments seem to have stung the government into its orchestrated response, which coupled calls for calm with implicit criticism of the Greens, who rejected the official response as “scandalous”.

Infighting between the Greens and the Socialists is precisely that; infighting within a government that serves the interests of capital. Their accusations thrown against one another only takes away from the ultimate sacrifice paid by Fraisse. It shows that they do not know what to actually do, so they just swirl into a self-destructive frenzy while the fascists continue their rapid march on power.

Fraisse has not died in vain, however. His death will galvanize the movement to liberate the land and people from the corrupt grasp of the political lackeys of industrialism, imperialism, and racism.

Rémi Fraisse, Rest in Power. For every one of us they cut down—David “Gypsy” Chain, Brad Will, Judi Bari, and all our fallen warriors—we will grow stronger still.

For the Wild!

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